Packing to Move House: A How-To Guide

Packing to move house can be overwhelming at the best of times. Follow our guide for advice on packing to move house and make moving day run as smoothly as possible.

When to Start Packing to Move House

We advise that you start as early as possible, at least two weeks if not a whole month before moving. Indeed, if you are moving internationally, then you may want to take up to two months to get everything in order. Make sure you don’t leave packing to the last minute, as some tasks, such as disconnecting a gas oven, cannot be done alone, and must be conducted by a gas engineer well in advance.

Packing Materials

The main thing you will need are packing boxes for moving house – if you want to look for more information on where to find these boxes, check out our article on moving boxes. If you’re not sure how many moving boxes you will need, you can use our removal volume calculator to figure out the volume of your move.

Besides the moving boxes, you will also need: packing tape, newspaper, stretch wrap for furniture, bubble wrap, markers and labels.

Tape is an essential packing for moving house supply


Preparing for the packing process will save you a lot of time in the long run. Our tips for preparing to start packing to move house include the following:

  • Create a packing list and put items you don’t want to take with you into storage
  • Declutter by having a car boot sale for items you want to get rid of
  • Have a file with important paperwork such as your moving company reservation, emergency contact information, passports, etc.
  • Fill a suitcase with essentials that you can easily access, such as your toiletries, your wallet, and an energy bar for moving day!
  • Gather old sheets and clothing to use as padding
  • Take pictures of difficult setups such as the back of the TV
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How to Pack to Move House

Now it’s time to pack your house. Follow our advice to make your move as efficient as possible:

1. Create a packing station

Have a dedicated area, ideally a nice wide open space, where you can drop all your stuff once it’s packed. This is also the area where you should keep all your moving boxes and packing materials.

2. Pack boxes one room at a time

This will make it easier when you are unpacking. Make sure to pack the boxes you need first, last. Don’t know where to start packing when moving house? We advise you to start with the kitchen first. As you pack each box and seal it, write on the box the type of contents it has and the room it is destined for.

3. Don’t pack air

Wrap each individual item with enough layers. Where you can, put these inside moving boxes, with the heavier items going at the bottom and fragile items such as plates being stacked vertically.

4. Stack the boxes

Stack the boxes as you finish filling, taping and labelling them. Make sure the boxes aren’t overpacked, as this will make them more likely to break when they are moved.

5. Take apart larger items such as furniture

Check out our article for more information on how to pack and move your furniture. Don’t forget that fridge freezers should be given enough time to be defrosted and drained – at least one whole day.

Packing to move house for a move abroad

Moving Day Packing Tips

Now that moving day has arrived, there are still some things you can do to make moving day easier:

✔️ Leave a clear space where the movers can easily access your belongings

✔️ Take pictures of your old house before you leave, and your new house before you move in

✔️Get friends and family to help with the final packing on moving day, as well as with loading and unloading the moving truck. A few bacon sandwiches will be a nice thank you!

✔️Look in each room to check that you have left nothing behind

✔️Keep an emergency bag with you with your file of important documents as well as other essentials

✔️Make the beds first when you start unpacking in your new home

What Next?

We hope this article has helped you with packing for moving house. Don’t forget, you can always hire a packing and unpacking company to do the hard work for you, or see if your removal company offers this as an extra service. Check out our other useful articles on Sirelo: