How to Pack for Moving House

Your Ultimate Guide to Packing

Undertaking a home removal is a daunting task. However, learning how to pack for moving house is the first step to shaking those nerves, and ensuring a stress-free move! Follow this step-by-step guide and let moving house become an adventure to look forward to, rather than a process to dread.

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When to Start Packing to Move House

While every move is different, and we therefore cannot give you a hard and fast answer to this question, note that our number one packing to move house tip is to start early. Trust us, it is much better to be left with time on your hands, than to rush and inevitably cause accidents and leave things behind.

In general, we recommend giving yourself at least a month for packing to move house. That way you can insure any hiccups are ironed out before moving day. If you are keen to learn more about what the process of undertaking a house removal involves, we have checklists dedicated to both domestic and international moves.

how to pack to move house

Did you know? If organising your own packing when moving house is feeling too overwhelming, some removal companies will do the hard work for you as part of their services. If this sounds tempting to you, consider this when comparing removal quotes.

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Getting Prepared for the Packing Process

It goes without saying that the best way to pack when moving house is to be organised, to ensure efficiency. We are sure you have enough on your plate, so save yourself the trouble and get cracking!

Finding packing materials

We don’t need to tell you that trying to move your home without the necessary moving boxes and other equipment is a fruitless task. That is why, organising where to find your packing materials is the first point of call when packing to move house. Luckily, to help get you on your way, we have an entire page dedicated to finding moving boxes.

Top tip! Consider buying or collecting moving boxes second-hand. This along with other tips we outline on our sustainable moving blogpost, is a great way to ensure an eco-friendly and cost-efficient move.

Along with your moving boxes, you will also need to source packing tape, newspaper, bubble-wrap, markers and labels.

There’s no such thing as too much preparation

The next golden rule of how to pack when moving house, is think through all the logistics carefully before you get going. Although it is tempting to get a move on (pun intended!) you will end up wasting a lot more time if you take a nonchalant approach. Instead, tick off the following packing to move house tips before you get going:

  • Declutter. Naturally, the more stuff you take with you, the more expensive your move will be. So, think twice before you drag along dusty books and broken furniture. If you are not sure of the volume of your things, you can use our furniture volume calculator to work it out.
  • Plan a packing route. We know this sounds a little over the top, but packing to move house is a marathon not a sprint! Think about the most sensible order to pack your rooms; we usually recommend starting at the top of your house and working your way down.
  • Organise a bag with essential items. Moving day is long and tiring. The last thing you want is to arrive at your front door to realise you have misplaced your keys. Do yourself a favour and keep all your daily items in a safe and accessible place. We really don’t want you tearing your hair out!
  • Gather old sheets and clothing. This is another great way to save both money and the environment when packing to move house. Instead of chucking out unwanted clothes, they can be reborn as padding materials. Whoever said they didn’t believe in an afterlife, think again!

Top tip! Anything you decide not to bring with you, consider either selling it, or donating it to a charity shop, rather than tossing it in the bin. It is important to keep your carbon footprint in mind, even when packing to move house.

how to pack for moving house

Packing Tips and Hacks for Moving Day

Now you know a little more about how to pack for moving house, and are well prepared for moving day, it is time to learn a little more about the tricks of the trade 😉 Soon you will be real packing masters!

  • Create a packing station. By this, we mean an open space where you can both place any boxes that you have finished packing, while also providing enough room for your movers to get in and out when moving day does come around.
  • Label…everything! Want your kettle in the bathroom and your towels in the kitchen? Thought not. Take extra caution to label each box clearly. This is a real golden rule for packing to move house.
  • Packing heavy items. Pack books and other heavy items at the bottom of small boxes. Do not, and we repeat do not, overstuff them. The last thing you want is all your china, or indeed your toes, broken when packing to move house.
  • Take pictures. Unless you are blessed with a photographic memory, save yourself the headache and take pictures of any furniture you have to take apart. This applies also to cables and other electronic items.

Top tip! Why not thread cables through old toilet roll tubes, which can be labelled. That way you will be able to identify your phone charger from all your other electronics quickly and easily.

  • Stick pegs and screws to the side of furniture. When disassembling furniture or other household items, put all the appropriate screws into a small bag, and stick them to the relevant item.
  • Get family and friends to help. There’s nothing like a bit of company to help make packing to move house a more enjoyable process. Even if you cannot find someone to help you with the heavy lifting, a cuppa tea and a chinwag can go a long way!

What About Unpacking?

Knowing how to pack when moving house is all good and well, but it is also important to understand the best ways to get yourself settled in your new home. The following expert tips are here to help!

  • Do a little bit at a time. Give yourself the credit you deserve and relax a little. Once you have your essentials unpacked, set yourself realistic goals. Remember, the tortoise not the hare wins the race!
  • Start with the kitchen. While we recommend working top to bottom when packing to move house, unpacking is a slightly different story. Usually the kitchen is the most fiddly and intricate room to unpack, so do this when you are fresh-faced to avoid unnecessary frustration.
  • Get rid of boxes once they are emptied. Since you did all that good work decluttering when packing to move house, it would be a real shame to undo that all with mountains of cardboard and sticky tape! Get rid of your packing materials once they have served their purpose, but don’t forget to recycle.
  • Organise your utilities. Check out our page dedicated to setting up utilities when moving house for more information on this.

Finally… Need More Tips?

Congratulations! You now know everything about how to pack for moving house, and you are well on your way to ensuring an efficient move. However, packing to move house is just one task amidst a multitude of things to do when undertaking a house removal.

However, luckily Sirelo has prepared for all the moving house queries you might have. Continue to explore the website for other tips and tricks. In particular the pages we have linked below might be of interest to you. In the meantime, all of us wish you every success with your move, we know you are going to nail it! 🙂