Removal Costs 2020: How much does it cost to move in the UK?

On this page, you can find essential information regarding the removal costs for a move within the UK. Don’t forget to check out our moving house checklist to make sure you have everything prepared for moving day.

Local House Removal Costs

The main factors you need to take into account when booking a local move is the volume and the city of origin. For that reason, make sure you calculate the volume of your furniture to save time when requesting quotes. Below you can see the average costs of removal within the most popular cities in the UK for a 1, 2 and 3 bedroom house.

City1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed
London£330 – £400£410 – £550£580 – £700
Manchester£320 – £400£410 – £530£535 – £660
Birmingham£325 – £400£410 – £540£550 – £650
Newcastle£300 – £370£375 – £465£470 – £650
Glasgow£330 – £400£410 – £535£540 -£640
Cardiff£300 – £360£365 – £460£465 – £640

For a 4 bedroom house, the average removal costs for 2020 ranges from £650 to £1000.

Factors that Affect Moving Costs

As well as the volume and distance, there are a number of additional factors that can affect moving company costs:

  • Ease of Access –Is your home located on a busy street? Can removal vans park outside? If the movers have difficulty accessing your home, then you will have to pay higher removal company costs.
  • 2 Hour Minimum – Removal companies usually charge a two hour minimum. This is to help them stay protected from wasting resources on moves that are too small.
  • Man and Van – If you need help with lifting heavy pieces of furniture, a man and van service is for you. Prices range from  £50 – £60 per hour for two removal men and a van.
  • Time of the Move – If you are moving home during the peak season (May – September), in the holidays or on the weekend, removal costs will be higher. This is due to an increase in demand in moving companies.
  • Special Care – If you have a unique piece of furniture that requires special care, like a piano or antique furniture, the costs will increase.
  • Additional services –If you need help with things like packing and furniture assembly, or just require storage, a lot removal companies will offer these extra services. However, it will increase the total cost of your move. If you don’t want the removal company to pack your things, have a look at these handy tips that could make your move that little bit easier.

Removal Costs

Average Removal Costs Across the UK

When moving to a different city, the elements that go into calculating the removal costs are similar to that of a local move. However, the distance is far more important. Some removal companies base their prices on an hourly basis whereas others charge between £0.50-£1 per mile. When a removal company provides you with a removal costs estimate, make sure that you understand what services are included in the quote. The tables below present the house removal costs to a number of popular cities with furniture from a 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom house.

Removal Costs from London

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Removal Costs from Manchester

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Removal Costs from Birmingham

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Removal Costs from Newcastle

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Removal Costs from Glasgow

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Removal Costs from Cardiff

Destination1 Bed2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed

Note on Data: Please remember, the prices shown are only average removal costs and do not include extra services that you may require when moving home.

Removal Costs to Northern Ireland

Similarly with moving to Ireland, moving from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland is different. Removal company costs differ depending on whether you ship your belongings in a container or if you get a ferry from the UK mainland to Ireland across the Irish Sea.

When moving abroad via a ferry the costs above still apply, however there are often extra costs involved. The ferry price ranges significantly based on a number of factors such as the size of the van you take, how early you book and the season. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at this ferry price comparison website to get an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

removal costs for your move

Other Considerations

As well as removal costs, there are other services that you will need when moving home:

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