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Moving from Hampstead to Wimbledon

What Are The Benefits?

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There has always been a love-hate relationship between North Londoners and those living south of the river but without getting too emotional about exactly where is the best place to live in London, let’s look at what might tempt you from north to south.

What You Will Leave Behind in Hampstead

There’s no denying that Hampstead is beautiful, popular and convenient for all that London has to offer. With independent shops, bars and restaurants aplenty, it is truly enjoyable to wander this stylish area and sample some of the delights on offer. It also has a real sense of community, unlike some of the expensive central London areas that have become swamped with often-absent overseas home owners.

West Hampstead began life as a village and, as much as is possible in a metropolis, manages to retain some of the village-like feel which residents still work hard to maintain. Beyond a spot of retail therapy, eating or drinking out, Hampstead has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities. At almost 800 acres Hampstead Heath provides plenty of open space to walk, run or just spend time outside. If you can bear the cold there are also swimming ponds!

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Hampstead Property

Hampstead property offers something for every taste – it has a variety of different property styles including cottages, large Victorian and Georgian family homes, traditional mansion flats and luxury contemporary apartments. But to live there you will need very deep pockets or be prepared to compromise on space – indoors and out. And that is one of the main reasons people choose to leave this beautiful area.

Even those with a significant budget will struggle to find a decent sized family home. The smallest 4-bedders in the least desirable locations are likely to cost well in excess of a million pounds and the largest 4-bed family homes can range right up to £7 million (according to prices of homes for sale on Rightmove as of October 2020)

So if you dream of a spacious family home in a coveted postcode you may have to move south of the river to fulfil that dream.

What You Will Gain Moving to Wimbledon

Land Registry data shows that the average house price in North London boroughs is over £80,000 more than properties south of the river. But look at 4-bed family homes and that difference rockets to over £300,000. Apart from a significant saving for a similar home, or more for your money than in Hampstead there are plenty of other reasons to love Wimbledon.

We’ve all heard of the Wimbledon tennis tournament but there’s much more to like about Wimbledon than tennis. It consists of 2 areas – the village (at the top of the hill) and the town (near the station). Each area has its own unique architecture and both have plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, and sports and leisure facilities.

The village is home to unique, independent shops, gorgeous period architecture and green, leafy spaces. What’s not to love? The town boasts yet more shops and restaurants and 2 theatres. It is also less than 20 minutes by train to Central London so convenient for both working in central London and enjoying everything on offer there.

An added bonus for families moving to Wimbledon is that the area boasts 3 state secondary schools rated outstanding by Ofsted in addition to the highly regarded independent selective school King’s College.

Unlike some areas of south London, Wimbledon has always been a stylish and desirable place to live with access to plentiful open green spaces in the form of the park and common, which even has its very own windmill. And, with Wimbledon Village Stables nearby, you can even try horse riding on the common.

Wimbledon Property

The architecture in Wimbledon varies greatly, so there’s a wide choice of different property styles to choose from. The town mainly comprises traditional Victorian properties but the village has a much broader mix of cottages, period houses and contemporary homes of all sizes.

While the most expensive houses in the area can reach the giddy heights of Hampstead prices, these multi-million-pound homes tend to be large, detached properties on large plots of land, unlike similarly priced homes in north London.

Moving Home: An Exciting New Chapter

Wherever you are moving from and to within London you can make this stressful time easier by planning and packing well in advance of your moving date. Make use of portable storage units that can be delivered free to your existing home, collected once filled and stored until you are ready to unpack in your new abode. Portable storage units are cheaper than you think and are also a great idea for decluttering and de-personalising your current home which could help you sell your home faster. After all, we all own plenty of stuff that we don’t need on a day-to-day basis so packing it up well in advance can take the pressure off the big moving day.

Moving somewhere like Wimbledon provides a great quality of life without sacrificing all that makes city living exciting. It is an excellent location for young families, professionals and anybody looking to sample wide open green spaces, a village-like feel, great transport links and property that is more affordable than similar areas in north London. Take your time to plan your move carefully and try to enjoy the process. This is an exciting new chapter in your life.

Happy moving!