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Are you preparing to move abroad? In this section, you can find a large amount of interviews of previous Sirelo users. If you want to benefit from their useful tips, or just want to daydream about your next adventure, then you’re on the right page!

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What is an Expat Blog?

What is a Sirelo expat blog? It’s a fascinating narrative that we publish on our platform, narrating your relocation journey. At Sirelo we’re eager to collect as many stories from new and seasoned expats as possible – not only because we love them but because it offers huge benefits for other soon-to-be expats!

Who Can Write an Expat Blog?

Have you recently moved abroad? Then you can share your experience with us – simple as that! So if you’ve been through an international move, please tell us about it!

What is the difference between an expat blog and a review on a mover’s profile?

We understand your confusion, which is why we would like to clarify the difference between the two:

  • First of all, a review published on a mover’s profile is limited to a specific number of characters, they usually tend to be purposefully concise.
  • An expat blog can be presented as a story with no character limits. Unlike reviews, sharing an experience about your move will involve much more details to help the reader envision it – let our imagination run wild!

What are the topics discussed in an expat blog?

It goes without saying that the questions we want to ask you are all related to moving house. Here are the topics that are covered:

  • Motivations behind your move
  • Motivations behind of your choice of mover
  • Execution of your move on D-day
  • Budget dedicated to your move
  • Your advice and tips based on your experience

Share Your Expat Blog

Want to share your moving experience with us? We would love to hear about it! We invite you to fill out our simple form and let our experienced copywriters do the rest. Your responses will be seamlessly transformed into a blog post, ready for publication!

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To express our appreciation for the time dedicated to the task, we’d like to award a £20 Amazon voucher for every person who shares their story with us. By doing this, you can complete the final touches and make your new home look even more stunning!

If you want to get your hands on this voucher, here are the conditions:

  • We want to ensure the authenticity of your moving experience. If we are not fully confident, we may request additional evidence from you.
  • To ensure that your story is portrayed in the most compelling way, we need for you to elaborate when responding. Filling out our form with just a few words will hinder us from sharing your experience. For this reason, all answers must be at least 500 characters long – otherwise it won’t make the cut!
  • To ensure that we can send the Amazon voucher with you, please provide us with a valid email address. We will not be able to proceed if the address is incorrect, and you will therefore not receive any voucher.

And Now?

What are you waiting for? We at Sirelo can’t wait to hear about your moving experience! Get started now, and let us be part of the journey.