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Expat Blog - Moving back to the UK from Italy

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An insightful expat blog documenting the decision to move back to the UK from Italy as pensioners due to high costs of living and medical expenses, highlighting the benefits of free medication and affordable public transport, along with a positive recommendation for a helpful and efficient family-run moving company.

Relocation from Italy to the UK – Worry-free Experience with a Moving Company

Could you please elaborate on the factors that influenced your decision to relocate and your overall impression of the moving process?

Moving back to the UK as having 2 places got too expensive. We are both pensioners and are not that well and in need of a doctor on a regular basis. With not being resident in Italy it is very costly to have a doctor and the medicine is rather expensive as in the UK we are getting the medication for free. The other reason is public transport. As a UK resident, you don’t pay for public transport if you travel after a certain time of the day. Putting everything together we are much better off in the UK

When faced with a multitude of options from the Sirelo moving company listings, how did you go about choosing the most suitable one for your specific needs?

We have used this company (Cucchiarale Traslochi)  in the past. That was our move from the UK to Italy. They were very helpful and courteous. Nothing is too much. You have a question and someone in the office is with you every step of the way. Everything was explained what needs to be done. What taxes need to be paid and very flexible with paying. Received everything via email including a list of items which have been sent. All in all a very good and friendly family-run business with the owner being available any time you want to talk.

Now, onto the exciting part! Can you tell us about how the moving day went? Did everything go according to plan?

On the moving day, they arrived with 5 and anything which needed packing got done. Every box was labelled and numbered and recorded so that I have a list of every item which has been shipped. Very efficient and friendly. On arrival in the UK very friendly and very quick to unload the lorry and to get everything into the storage unit following our requests. Very tidy.

Based on your personal experience, what tips or recommendations would you give to individuals who are planning their own move?

Prepare everything in good time so you are not getting stressed out. Get everything you need in good time and pack and write on each box, package what is inside, so you know where it should go on the other end. All these things make your life much easier and less stressful. It helps the removal company as well as when they offload the removal van they know where each item should go. living room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s bedroom and so on.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

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