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Relocating to Germany

Expat Interview

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Read this smooth moving experience from a Sirelo user moving from Buckinghamshire to Karlsruhe, a city located in southwestern Germany.

Tell us a bit, from where to where did you relocate?

We were relocating to Germany from the UK. We needed to move some things quickly in order to begin living there. We will move the rest of the things once the house is sold. We needed a flexible and professional service that was also affordable. European Experts Removal was perfect for the job. They were very professional and delivered exactly what they had said their service offered. I would have no hesitation in using them again. Compared to the other companies we received quotes from they were among the most competitive but most importantly they got in touch and answered questions very promptly.

That is nice to hear. How was the process of finding this company?

The quote was competitive and they answered our questions very quickly. Their quote was clear and transparent. I had quotes from 5 companies. Some were far more expensive and some were similar. However, the ones which were competitive did not break down the quote as well nor did they explain how they would check the cubed metres we would be charged for. Others gave quotes on my list but overestimated how many cubed metres the load would be. European Expert Removals gave a cubed metre estimate (which turned out to be spot on) but also offered a fairly priced flexibility if the load turned out to be more or less than the original estimate.

How did the moving day go? We know sometimes it can be a hassle.

The collection day was agreed well in advance. On the day of collection, Cris kept us informed of how their journey was going. They collected the goods efficiently and at exactly at the time Cris had estimated. Cris was as polite and charming in person as he was in the emails. I explained that delivery would be challenging in Germany as it was difficult for me to take time off work. Cris worked with the options I gave him for delivering in Germany. It worked perfectly. Again, on the day of drop off Cris kept me informed and it was a stress-free experience.

What would you say if you had to give others some tips?

I would suggest the following:

  1. Be clear about the type of goods you have. Estimate the number of boxes as best you can.
  2. If in doubt, over estimate the amount you have.
  3. Make sure the quote is transparent and you have the option to increase or reduce the load without severe penalties.
  4. Take notes and photographs of what you have in each box. If something does go wrong you then have something to support your claim.
  5. Think about the size of your boxes. Do not have all one size of box. Books are heavy. If you pack them in a very large box someone has to lift the box up. Moreover, you may need to lift it up once it is delivered to your new home.

About this move 🔍

The customer moved from Chalfont Saint Giles, United Kingdom to Karlsruhe, Germany using the services of European Removal Experts. The moving company was rated 5/5 stars as they were punctual, professional and efficient.