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Moving from Munich to Birmingham

Expat Blog

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Katie moved abroad for a new job opportunity in the UK. Discover her stress-free experience with Judotrans!

We’d like to know the origin and destination of your move, and most importantly the reason of your move. How did you experience that?

Moved for my job. Moving internationally is stressful in itself, but Judotrans made it as easy as possible! They were timely, friendly, and responsible. Answered every message I sent by WhatsApp within 10 minutes! They took care of every aspect of the move for us, including packing everything extremely carefully and taking care of all the customs details and everything. Moving in a post-brexit world to the UK is not simple, but judotrans took care of it with no problem. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone!

Choosing a good moving company is painful, we know that. How did you manage to find the perfect one among the thousands of existing ones?

I chose them first of all because they offered the best price I had seen. They were at least €500 cheaper than anyone else. They offered full packing service, which was great. They seemed professional, friendly and kind, which they certainly turned out to be! The main research I did (besides price) was for reviews from others who had used them. The reviews for Judotrans were very positive, but also realistic, which made me trust that the reviews were real! That was super important to me, because I had never selected a moving company like this before

Take us through the moving day – did everything go as planned?

They arrived right on time on the appointed day and got right to work packing everything up (we had paid for full packing service). It took them a bit longer to pack than they had expected, but they had allowed plenty of time, so it was no problem at all. The next day, they came back and packed everything into the truck. Movers were friendly, careful, and professional. They kept us posted about their progress and arrived in the UK on the expected day. They were a bit delayed that day, because of long lines at customs, but no problem. Got everything into the house quickly and carefully.

 What are 3 tips that you think could help others make their moving day less chaotic?

Definitely look for reviews from other customers. I was recommended several companies that had terrible reviews or even in some cases seemed like a scam. Moving is stressful enough, so my advice is to pick someone you trust, even if it’s expensive. Having the company pack our stuff didn’t cost much more in the end and saved us a ton of to me. Would definitely recommend that to anyone! My other best advice is to start planning early. Everything takes longer than you expect with a big move!

Any Last Words?

The only thing I was concerned about was insurance. We never cleared up the question of how our stuff was insured through the company. It didn’t turn out to be a problem, but it did make me nervous until our stuff arrived

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