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How to Save Money on your Move

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We at Sirelo know how stressful and complicated a move can be. It can become consuming and the cost of removal can add up very easily and quickly but no need to panic! We have created our Top Ten Tips for A Cheap House Removal to help you cut costs on your upcoming move and ensure you get the best and cheapest moving options.

#1 – Plan your Move For A Cheap House Removal

Do you want some good news? You can start saving money even before your move has taken place! The key for any successful move is organisation. Planning your move well in advance will not only reduce stress, but it will help you cut hidden and unnecessary costs, ensuring you have a cheap house removal.

We recommend planning a budget for your move and anticipate those surprising costs that are bound to pop up during your moving journey. To ensure your move is efficient and organised, Sirelo advise planning your move at least two months in advance of the moving date.

Why not check out our Moving House Checklist for your own, printable set-by-step guide!

#2 – Start Early and Declutter your Stuff

As we said before, starting early is so important for any move! It will save you money and help you reduce clutter. Decluttering means moving fewer things which in turn results in a Cheap House Removal!

Moving house is the perfect time to declutter your home so our advice is Out with the Old and in with the New! By removing the unnecessary volume, your moving quote could reduce because moving companies calculate their quotes not just on distance, but also on the volume of the move as well. You can use our volume calculator which can save time when requesting quotes.

Here are a few simple ways you can get rid of your belongings:

  • Garage or car boot sales
  • Websites such as Amazon or eBay
  • Donating is also a good option as you’re spending less on the cost of removals and you can feel good about donating to a good cause
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#3 – Picking the Best Time to Move

Ultimately, the best time to move is based you and your circumstances but if you’re looking to save some money, would you believe there is actually a best time to move? As in, a day, a month, a season? We are delighted to let you know, by choosing the right time to move, you are sure to get cheap house removal services!

Friday has long been the most popular day to move with 34% of UK movers choosing it but if you’re looking to save money, why not choose Sunday? Although it is the least popular, it is the cheapest day to move in the UK with an average removal price of £717.13! The next cheapest day to move is Wednesday, with an average removal price of £770.03 – still almost 20% cheaper than the overall weekly average cost. We would strongly suggest you avoid a Tuesday move as it is 55% dearer than your average Sunday costs 😊 I bet you’re glad you kept reading!

You may be tempted to move house during the summer months, the kids are off school and the sun is shining – we can see why you’re tempted! Luckily, Sirelo is here to tell you this is the most expensive time to move so avoid, avoid, avoid. We recommend moving during the off-peak season of spring or after summer holidays to guarantee you get the best price for cheap house removals.

Data sourced from Home Owners Alliance

#4 – DIY: Moving House by Yourself?

Of course, when it comes to moving house cheaply, one of the first things that you can do to cut costs is try to move house yourself. Moving yourself means that you save money on packing, loading and transport, which are the biggest expenses when moving.

The main cost to consider when it comes to moving by yourself is the transport cost. Unless you’re close friends with someone who owns a van, the likelihood is that you will have to rent one.

Companies such as Enterprise, Europcar, and SIXT offer vans. Obviously, the price of the van you want to rent takes into account a number of factors such as size and demand. As a rough guide, if you’re 26 or over you can expect to pay around £30 for renting a van of 6cm³ for the day and around £35 to rend a van of 12 cm³. This price doesn’t include insurance which costs around £10 extra.

It may be a better idea for you to look into Man & Van services, where you literally rent a van and some extra help, as they are the better alternatives for cheap house removals. Take a look at our house removals page for some removal companies within your region.

Some things to consider if you’re going to move yourself

  • Make sure you use one van that you can pack all of your belongings into in one go. You don’t want to have the added stress of going back and forth, as this will take a lot longer!
  • Moving house is a tiring process. So, make sure that the people you ask to help you can do some heavy lifting! At least two extra helpers to do the lifting and two more to help packing the boxes will make a good sized ‘removal team’.

If you want to move more than a two-bedroom house, then ask yourself if you really have the time, energy and discipline to organise a move across the country. Often the saving isn’t worth the extra effort. For cheap removals, there is no harm in requesting removal quotes as they is no obligation and are completely free.

#5 – Get a Free Home Removal Estimate

There are ways of moving cheaply even with a removals company. If you’re moving a lot of things or simply don’t have the time to plan moving yourself then a removals firm is also a good option. In many cases it won’t cost significantly more than moving by yourself. However, when moving cheaply through removal companies, you still need to be smart about how to save money.

The biggest tip that we can give you when trying to find cheap removals, is to definitely consider your options! Make sure you request multiple quotes. One of the ways that you can do this is to use Sirelo’s online quote form to compare the price and service of different companies. You can also take a look at our removal costs page for an idea of how much it will cost to move within the country.

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#6 – Compare Cheap Removal Companies

Moving companies are not all the same, they offer different services at different prices so it’s vital to compare companies to find one that suits you. It’s important to remember as well that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best service! Make sure to choose your company wisely as it can save you some £££ in the long run! 😊

To check out some cheap house removal companies and learn more about their service offerings and ratings, why not check out our removal company page! Here you can find cheap removalists near you and receive tips on how to choose the right company for your move.

Removal companies offer extra services in order to make your life easier. Unfortunately, these come with added costs. The most common extra services are:

  • Packing
  • Insurance
  • Renting a storage unit

If you want to save then you can try to do these yourselves. Although there is a technique to packing, it isn’t rocket science and the same goes for reassembling furniture. Just be conscience about insurance and also if you need to move your household into storage – see tips 7, 8 and 9 for more information!

#7 – Looking for Boxes for A Cheap House Removal?

Another great way to reduce the cost of your move is to find cheap packing materials! You’ll need more boxes than you think when moving house. Although you can buy boxes, either in store or on websites such as Amazon, there are many ways to get them for free.

  • If any of your friends have moved house recently and don’t need their boxes
  • Local supermarkets or restaurants usually have boxes that they’re about to throw out.

Although it is wise to get the best packing materials that you can afford, there are some cheap hacks that you can do when it comes to moving house. Wrapping certain delicate objects in newspapers, blankets or thick jumpers is a good way to save on bubble wrap, but use your judgement and do this at your own risk. Check out our where to get boxes for moving page to learn more tips and tricks!

#8 – Pack Carefully and Insure your Possessions

The process of packing boxes yourself is the most time consuming part of moving. It is also one of the most crucial parts as getting it right can make the process so much easier and cheaper. It’s wise to start in advance to reduce the stress of doing it all last minute.

  • Label your boxes – there are a number of ways to do this. You can label them by room, write down what’s in the box or even colour code each room with tape.
  • Protect your belongings – use bubble wrap, towels or clothes. The important thing is for your items to arrive at your new home in the same condition when they left your old one.
  • Make the boxes lift-able – Don’t pack boxes so that they’re too heavy to even pick up! Boxes also have a breaking point, if the contents are too heavy they will break.
  • Fill the spaces – This makes sure that things don’t wiggle around and prevents delicate items from breaking.
  • Be sure to check your insurance – Moves are often covered in home insurance, but only if they are packed by professionals. Therefore, we suggest that you take out additional insurance if you have to.

Have a look at our Packing to Move House Guide for help on how to pack your belongings to ensure you don’t experience any unwanted expenses!

#9 – Storage: Choosing the Right One for your Cheap House Removal

Storage is very useful for people moving houses but like lots of things in life, it doesn’t come free! The only way to reduce your storage facility prices is to reduce the amount of items you are storing. This of course is totally relative to your own situation – this may not be an area you are able to cut costs.

Sirelo tip! for choosing the right storage is a very obvious one: choose the correct type and size for your things! People often fall into the trap of overspending on storage so it is important to compare prices to get the best offer for your move. For more information, check out our Top Tips for Moving and Storage.

#10 – Stay Calm and Relax!

We know how stressful and pressuring moving house is, especially when you’re trying to keep the cost low. It is important to look after yourself during the moving journey and ensure you remain calm and relaxed so you can make good decisions and ultimately save some money!

Moving house is an exciting time for you. Whether your buying your first home, escaping from city life, or just starting a new chapter in your life, moving is certainly an adventure! We hope our Top Ten Tips for Cheap House Removals offered you some support and advice for cutting the cost of moving – At Sirelo, we’re here to help 😊