Moving to Lyon

Last updated: January 25, 2019

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Moving to Lyon

Emigrating to Emerging Lyon

Lyon, the gastronomic paradise or entrepreneurial hotspot, just whatever you call it, is the third largest city in France. It is the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region. Both daytime and evening it is a beautiful city, when Lyon is illuminated at night some say it is even more beautiful than Paris.

Lyon is located in the east of France at the place where the rivers Rhône and Saône.The city is known for its historic city centre and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1998. When in Lyon, you can imagine yourself back in the time of the Renaissance. You can stroll through the cobbled streets and visit the many legacies preserved. Croix-Rousse, Vieux Lyon and Presqu’île all districts that are known for their historic character. 

There are several large universities located in Lyon meaning that there is a great buzz to the city. Furthermore, the city is increasing in popularity in expats due to its growing business links. Moving to Lyon is now a more attractive option than ever before, so jump on in.

How much does it cost to move to Lyon?

Moving to France is generally quite quick and affordable in terms of an overseas move. As it is so far inland we don’t recommend shipping as this can add unnecessary costs onto the price of a move. The cheapest and simplest way of moving to Lyon is through overland transport.

Household sizeTimeCost
1 bed flat1 -3 days£1,000 – £1,800
3 bed house2 – 4 days£2,100 – £2,900
5 bed house2 – 4 days£3,500 – £4,700
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Moving tips for Lyon

Moving to a new country with a different culture and lifestyle habits can be daunting so we have provided our top tips to take into consideration before moving to Lyon.

Parlez-vous français?

Although the amount of people who can speak English has increased in line with the growing number of businesses, it is highly recommended that you learn the basics of the language. Younger generations are taught to speak English at younger age; however older generations are unlikely to understand as much.

Dress code

People in France certainly do dress to impress, especially in business situations. Although there isn’t the same attitude towards to dress sense as in Paris you should be prepared to get a strange look or two if you’re not dressed up.

What do you need to remember before your move?

  • Healthcare – EHIC cards are easily obtainable for UK citizens and cover you for any accidents. It is required by law to have health insurance. Visit our page to find out more information about healthcare in France.
  • Banks – There are many international banks in Lyon. BNP Paribas, HSBC, and Societe Generale are the main banks which offer English services. Setting up a bank account is usually done in person. All you need to do is provide your passport, a residence permit and proof of address. Be aware that most banks in France have monthly fees attached to them.
  • Citizenship –  When moving to Lyon you need to remember to report to the Mairie (Town Hall) within three months of your arrival, to make sure you register as a citizen. Consequences of not doing so can lead to fines.
  • Driving –  You are able to use a foreign driving licence in France if a member of the EU for the first year only after obtaining residency. Applications to then exchange your driver’s licence can be made at your local Préfecture de Police or Mairie. The form is called the demande d’échange de permis de conduire.

Moving to Lyon

How and where to find a your Maison

Renting in Lyon is far cheaper than other major cities London – the average price is around €592 for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre or €433 on the outskirts and €1300 for a centrally located three-bedroom apartment or €940 in the suburbs. To buy those same apartments, prices range from €3,000–4,000 per m2.

House prices have been falling in France since the global crisis, and Lyon is no exception. Although small apartments are not particularly cheap, high-end property is currently at a good value. As Lyon’s population has been steadily growing (7.1% in the past century) and since new developments are being constructed, now is a good time to invest in a home.

For websites focussed on finding property in Lyon have a look at Immobel and RightMove.

Where to find a job

Lyon, the gastronomic paradise or entrepreneurial hotspot, just whatever you call it, is the third largest city in France. It is the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region. Lyon has ever been the capital of Roman Gaul and you still find remnants of it. Both daytime and evening it is a beautiful city.

Despite being second to Paris in terms of size, population and business, Lyon is an economic centre and major business hub especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Additionally the city is home to several banking firms as well as a large software industry with a focus on video gaming.

Lyon is also a thriving city for start ups, it was ranked 8th in the world for for innovation and was ranked 9th in Europe for entrepreneurship.

Business culture in France is very formal and can therefore be surprising if you’re coming from a more laid-back background. Check out our working in France page to prepare yourself for your move.

Popular job websites in Lyon include The Local and (both specialize in jobs for English speakers).

Moving to Lyon

How is the transport in Lyon?

Most of Lyon is walkable, but if you choose to use public transportation, a metro/bus pass costs around €56 (£40) for the month, or €1.80 (£1.30) for one ticket. There are 4 metro lines, 5 tramway lines, 2 funiculars and over 130 bus lines around the Greater Lyon area meaning that you won’t struggle to get around. For information about a specific route take a look at the official Transport for Lyon website.

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