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Office Removals

Your Guide to a Successful Office Move

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When it comes to office relocations, planning is key. Fortunately, you’re on Sirelo and just below we have a breakdown of office removal costs and a great office relocation checklist. Furthermore, you can even request free office removal quotes to start getting accurate price estimates for your office relocation! So, keep reading and start your office relocation on the right foot.

Cost of Office Removals

Whether the company is growing and needs a bigger office or downsizing, the budget will be of concern. Nobody wants an office removal to break the bank! Thus, it’s a good idea to get a grasp of office removal costs before setting a budget otherwise you might risk only moving half the office.

In general, it costs around £100 per member of staff when it comes to office relocations. However, each office is unique and so are their office removal costs. Below, we also give a breakdown of the costs for different sized offices:

Office sizeEstimated price
1,500-square foot (140 m2) office£1,000 – £3,500
3,000-square foot (280 m2) office£3,000 – £8,000
5,000-square foot (460 m2) office£5,500 – £12,000
10,000-square foot (930 m2) office£8,000 – £25,000

Factors that Affect Office Removal Costs

As you might be wondering why our price ranges are so broad, there’s a reason for that. Notably, several factors influence office relocation costs. Below, you can find the major factors along with a brief description:

  • Distance – Naturally, the further the office relocation, the greater the cost. Granted, that doesn’t mean office move to a higher floor won’t be free, there’s a base price!
  • Volume – The more office furniture to be moved, again the higher the cost will be due to needing larger or additional moving vans or more staff to complete the office relocation.
  • Complexity – Several printers, an archive, servers, and an office jungle only add to the complexity of an office move. Unfortunately, complexity requires extra attention, which brings extra costs from the time, materials, and expertise
  • Additional services – As each office relocation is unique, there are likely to be some specialist services that might be required, such as packing and storage. Of course, these will only add to the overall office relocation costs.
  • Time – This might seem like a strange factor to include, but an office removal is very disruptive to workflow. Additionally, the longer a move takes, the more an office removal company will charge. It’s a double whammy of not making money and a big bill! You can minimise disruption by moving the office over the weekend, however, that can be more expensive. It’s prime moving time.

Need an Office Relocation Company?

Whether it’s a big or small office removal, finding an office relocation company is necessary to make the whole experience smoother and less stressful. While there’s an office full of workers, it’s certainly easier to have professionals do the hard work!

However, finding an office relocation company can be a little time-consuming, there are so many office removal companies to choose from! That’s where Sirelo comes in. We can help you find up to 5 office removal quotes with the push of a button, perfect for comparing office relocation companies and picking the best company for your budget. Just click below.

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Additional Office Removal Services

Understandably, more office removal costs might be the last thing that you want. However, there are some valuable services that you really should consider when planning your office removal. While they are by no means obligatory, they will help make your office relocation a much less stressful experience:

  • Packing service – For big and small office removals, it is recommended to consider availing of a packing service. Office relocation companies will offer this for a fee, but it does less need for office workers to spend time packing boxes.
  • Assembly and disassembly – It’s quite the task to disassemble furniture for a move. Of course, it does save space and can hasten a removal. Availing of this service saves you from having to seek volunteers to tackle the task. Naturally, this does come with a price tag, but it makes office removals easier!
  • Storage – Storage provides a great way to start moving out larger items that are not necessary for day-to-day operations in advance. It also allows for a buffer period when moving in case the office needs to be cleaned or refurbished. It’s easier to clean an empty office! Furthermore, it means you can avoid having overlapping rent on two offices. Of course, this convenience comes at a cost, but it’s better than paying two rents.
  • Office removal boxes – There’s no avoiding them, you’ll need lots of office removal boxes. You can read out guide on where to get moving boxes. However, it might be easier to ask your office relocation company. They’ll likely be able to provide you with the office removal boxes you need, whether it’s just ordinary boxes or specialist crates for IT equipment or documents.
  • Insurance – No matter how short the distance, having an insurance policy is a wise choice. Most office removal companies will include a basic policy or offer more comprehensive coverage. Preventing the eventually of full paying for the replacement of items is of the utmost importance.

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Surprising Office Relocation Costs

While you might have thought the office removal costs were where the list of costs would end, we’re sorry to disappoint. There are other office relocation costs that will result in a higher rate for your office removal. These costs are placed here as they are not charged by the office removal company, but by other services that you may require when moving office or the government.

Stamp Duty

It’s important to not forget that Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDTL) needs to be paid on non-residential leases. Honestly, it’s easy to forget and a little confusing to calculate like many bureaucratic tasks. However, it’s necessary and you can learn everything you need to know on the UK government’s page on SDLT for non-residential leases.


When choosing an office, it’s good to be mindful of whether or not VAT will be charged. Owners can elect to not have VAT charged on their property and this is useful for companies that are unable to recover VAT. Thus, think carefully as to whether the ability to recover VAT is important.


Depending on whether the old office lease was Full Repairing and Insuring (FRI) or Internal Repairing and Insuring (IRI) lease, you may have certain obligations. Under FRI, you are required to leave the office in the same conditions as it was initially rented. While under IRI, that is mostly the responsibility of the landlord as long as you haven’t caused serious damage!

If you happen to be responsible for maintenance, the cost of repairs can run from £5-£20 per ft2 of the office depending on the condition.


Before you move into the office, there might be some changes that you would like to make to the layout of the office to suit your company’s needs. Naturally, you’ll need to factor this into the office relocation costs and acquire approval from the landlord before you make some drastic changes!

On average, the costs of refurbishment can cost between £10-£70 per ft2 of office that you would like to customise.

Office Survey

Prior to filling the office with precious and expensive equipment, it might be wise to have a survey of the premise. This survey will detect any potential structural or maintenance issues. This is a great way to prevent damage from a surprise leak and is extremely important with an FRI. Fix the issues before they become a problem!

As for the costs, surveys range from £1,000-£5,000 depending on the size of the office. If any major issues are revealed, be sure to collect some photographic evidence for the landlord.

Solicitor Costs

While a solicitor is not legally required, it’s highly recommended to hire one for navigating the legal contracts of a commercial lease. Of course, it does add to your office relocation costs, anywhere from £2,000-£10,000 depending on the office size and structure of the lease.

Agent Fees

To find a property to lease, you’ll likely use a letting agent. Unsurprisingly, they will charge a commission on the value of the lease. Thus, ask the letting agent about their rate, as it does vary, and set aside an appropriate amount.

Office Relocation Checklist

When it comes to planning an office move, having a checklist will go a long way to making the process much simpler. Knowing what must be done is half the challenge! Thus, if you want to make your company’s office removal go smoothly then keep reading.

Removal Coordinator

This first step, and arguably the most important task to get office removals off on a good footing is to select a removal coordinator. Like all projects, it’s best to have one person overseeing and delegating tasks, too many cooks spoil the broth.

📅 Planning

With office removals, like any move, planning will be key. For a successful office removal, you’ll need to carefully plan when the move will occur. It would be optimal to pick a period when an office removal will prove least disruptive. Additional, planning office removals takes time, it’s best to allow for at least 2 months before the move.

Another important aspect is planning the layout of the new office. Knowing where each team will go and how best to configure the office. Since this takes time, especially if modifications are needed, finalising the plan early will be for the best.

📣 Announcing Your Office Relocation

As your office removal comes closer to reality, ensure that the entire company knows. When it comes time to move, you’ll need their help with the task of packing away personal items and maybe even having a small group of volunteers to help coordinate the office move on the day.

Furthermore, planning ahead for after office removals is wise. There’ll be a need to reprint business cards, inform partners, and update the business credentials for tax, legal reasons, and more. To help get you on the right track, here is a list of some of the companies and organisations that you will want to inform about a change of address when moving office:

Government institutions:Utility companies:Other:
Company HouseElectricityFinancial services (bank, accountant, etc.)
HM Revenue and CustomsWaterInsurance company
Corporation Tax OfficeGasMarketing, PR, and SEO agencies
Valuation Office AgencyPhone and internet providerSolicitor
Royal MailServer hostSecurity company and suppliers

📝 Taking Inventory

As with any move, time and space are money. Creating an inventory can help with both. When creating the list of inventory for the office removal, all the furniture can be reviewed to decide if it’s in good condition or whether it’s worth keeping. No office can escape the plague of electronic waste! Trimming the useless and broken items will save on the cost of office removals.

In addition, having an inventory of the items allows for better planning of a move as the items can be assigned to certain rooms through labelling or colour coding. This will save time on the day as the furniture will be placed in the area it’s needed.

📦 Packing

When it comes to packing for office removals, organisation is key, as you might have guessed. Items should be packed based on which room they are destined for. The colour coding or labelling will be essential for that. However, there are some other tasks to prepare.

Cables are trouble enough in an office, but office removals will add an entirely new layer of complexity. In this case, it’s advisable to purchase cable ties to keep them in check. Furthermore, you should take a picture of any cable connections to ensure that they can be easily recreated without the need to puzzle through putting the electronics back together.

Additionally, be sure to acquire removal boxes before the move. Often, boxes can be acquired through an office relocation company that will also be able to accurately access how many boxes will be needed for an office relocation. Naturally, the boxes can start being filled in advance of the move.

🚚 Moving Day

On moving day there are still a few important tasks to complete before you can celebrate a successful office relocation. Before moving into the new office, ensure the office is in good condition and photograph any potential issues.

Next, allow the office relocation company to do their job and guide them when necessary for the move to be completed smoothly. Then, survey the old office to verify that nothing has been left behind, it has been cleaned and that there was no damage.

Finally, it’s time to celebrate a job well done! Hold an office party and enjoy. It’s a great way for the team to become familiar with their new office.

Start Your Office Relocation Today!

Well, you’ve reached the end. By now, you’re well on your way to planning an effective office relocation. Just don’t forget to book your office relocation company! Otherwise, we believe you’re your office relocation should go off without a hitch! So, thank you for reading and success with your office relocation!