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Abels Moving Services offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of moving including UK Domestic Removals, European Moving, International Relocations, Office & Commercial Solutions. Purpose built Storage Facilities ensure goods remain safe & secure.

By Air, Sea or Road, with over 50 years in business they have all the attributes to ensure a peace of mind service. They remain large enough to cope, yet small enough to care.

Holders of The Late Queens Royal Warrant for Removals & Storage Services since 1989. FIDI-FAIM-Plus & BSI-9001-2015 quality accreditations. British Association of Movers Overseas Group members. Providing our customers with the IMMI insurance guarantee.
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 on Sirelo
A week after collection of my items they claimed that the volume of my items was over 2 cubic meters more than quoted. They completely ignored my calculations that proved this is not correct and they refused to present their own calculations. I had to pay 400 pounds more, while my items were with them. It felt like a scam and like a hostage situation, that if I don't pay more I will not get my items.

Contact with the office was difficult, right after I paid the deposit. I had to call many times to confirm collection date and time. I was being passed from a person to person. I was told I would be called back and I was not. When the items were collected, I asked for an inventory and for a confirmation of collection. The driver told me they will not give me anything like that and I can look that they loaded it on the truck. I contacted the office about it and they said they would try to get the inventory. I was asking about it every day and was getting nothing. Only when they increased the price, all of the sudden they started referring to the inventory and it turned out they had it. I still had to ask them to send it over. Since the day of the collection I was asking when the items will be delivered and they did not know, not even an estimate. At the end of the process I was so tired that I did not even want to argue about the price increase anymore, I just paid it to get my stuff and forget about Abel's. When the items were delivered, one of them (a desk) was damaged. A driver took a photo of that. I emailed the office about it and I got no response. I followed up, copying additional people who I was in touch with before, this was completely ignored and I got no response (apart from an out of office message from one of them). That was a week ago so I don't expect to hear from them and I do not want to waste any more time on them.

They were the most expensive from all the quotes I had received but I thought that at least I will have a peace of mind. How wrong I was!
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Moved from Dublin (Ireland) to Aix-en-provence (France)
 on Sirelo
The Delivery people are very professional and that is why I gave a 1 for them, sadly the Internal staff are lacking in telling the truth or treating your goods with respect and care.

I approached Abels after a recommendation from Spanish Property Guides in Feb 21. 22/4/21 I had a video call assessing the amount of goods I had. I was quoted in Feb 21 £3,400 for a move from the UK to Almeria. The email I received on 26/4/21 advised me that I could book a direct service with my own vehicle and 2 men for £10,510 ( which was never advised previously ) or £3,425 for a specified collection with a shared delivery at Abels convenience but was advised on an email from the Moving Consultant that the delivery for a specified collection would be no more than 20 working days. Time was ticking and to move out the beginning of June 21 I had to book the service quickly.

I booked the service with insurance at a total cost of £3,940 thinking that as Abels are a Royal Appointed the service would be brilliant - little did I know !

The goods were picked up professionally on 28/5/21 and taken to Abel's warehouse. One of the removal guys spent all their time doing labels and an inventory whilst having paid £3,415 for the service me and my partner had to help load the vehicle as one person could not manage. The removal men advised that we would need three containers. I thanked them for their help and tipped them as I did not have a problem with their professionalism.

I advised both the Moving Consultant and internally that we would be arriving at our house in Almeria on 4/6/21 and I would be visiting the local Council to get my Padron certificate on 7/6/21 to enable my goods to have no problem with taxes with the Spanish Authorities. The amount of administration required was horrendous from Abels and the final stalling tactic used by Abel's was a request on 14/6/21 to provide proof of my house being sold or my rental agreement ending in the UK - every person I told this to since in Spain has laughed at this ! I even provided proof on the 15th June that I was officially a Spanish Resident.

To my horror on 15/6/21 I received an email from my Relocation Coordinator to advise that my goods were estimated to be being put on a delivery van leaving on 19/7/21 ! No one on any email advised before this point that it would take 40 working days to get my goods delivered. To be living in a 5 bedroom house without your personal goods and living out of 2 suitcases for 8 weeks is a disgrace not to mention costly as you do not have enough clothes, towels, no kitchen utensils etc. I emailed on the 15/06/ 21 an email to the International Manager at Abels to complain about the 8 weeks wait . I never received a reply from the Internal Manager but had a pathetic email from the Move Consultant advising that he sympathised with my frustrations - REALLY ! I decided to just wait as Abels have all my worldly goods and held me to ransom.I would never have booked this service and paid the amount I did had the Move Consultant been more truthful in their dealings but they lied just to get the order ! I have worked in Sales for 35 years and the big rule is that you do not promise something you cannot deliver.

The delivery came on 23/7/21 and what a shock it was to us and the delivery people who were mortified at the state of the delivery packing on the lorry.My personal goods looked like they had been thrown on the lorry and certainly no containers were used or blankets etc. My beloved display cabinet from IKEA had just been thrown on and was delivered completely smashed and ruined. A plastic box with fragile on it had the top smashed and 2 fond vases were smashed. A total of 8 items had been damaged and I have since found 2 more expensive photo frames that were smashed. I did not take the blame on the drivers and my partner helped them unload and compensated them.

I had a strange email from my Relocation Coordinator on 26/7 asking me if everything went ok and my goods were in good order ! I think they knew full well that items were damaged due to the drivers taking a photo but she claimed not. I personally do not think I should have sent a complaint email on 15/6 about the time it took for delivery as I think this had an impact on my delivery.

I sent the Abels reviewer on Trust Pilot a complaint on 04/08/21.

I received a reply from the Reviewer on 16/08/21. The reviewer advised the following :-

Time Delay - blamed Brexit not the untruths his staff advised or mentioned the 500 pounds plus I had to spend because of this and the unpleasant wait !

Broken Items - apologised and just advised that the insurance claim I submitted will compensate me for this ! forgetting to mention that I have to pay the first £50 and the £523 insurance premium due to their loading of the vehicle !

2 weeks after submitting my insurance claim for £313.84 I am yet to hear anything !!!!
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Had to wait 8 weeks for the delivery of my goods. My goods were thrown onto the delivery lorry which resulted in 8 breakages and 2 further noticed ones - absolute disgrace.
Moved from Oxfordshire (United Kingdom) to Almeria (Spain)
 on Sirelo
I did the terrible mistake of hiring them to move from UK to Spain. Their service has been horrible. Actually I ended up paying 1500 pounds for having my furniture removed from my house and have them as hostage in their warehouse in Suffolk. This 1500 have been for nothing as I had to hire another company do the actual moving to Spain. I was basically stolen 1500 pounds.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Sevilla (Spain)
Response of
Dear Dr Noriega,

I am sorry that you are not happy with the service provided by Abels.

We advised of the changes following the UK's departure from the European Union (as any move to Spain now has customs procedures that apply) on the 18th February, 1st and 2nd March which was all prior to your service with Abels. On the 1st March you replied that you might have a problem with supplying the documents required as you had only been in Seville for one week. Your goods have remained safely in our warehouse for this period. We advised an alternative option for your delivery to Spain which was on the understanding that you would be required to pay customs duties, which you refused to pay.

You advised that you wish to use another company and collect your items from our warehouse to complete the move for you. The charges you are paying are for; the collection of your items on the weekend, storage while in our warehouse, store handling and VAT (as the service has all been within the UK t hen 20% VAT has had to be applied where as the full move to Spain would not have attracted VAT on your invoice).

My apologies once again.

Kind Regards
Neil Pertoldi
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 on Sirelo
Over the years I had numerous removals with different companies and VERY varied experiences.
[Name removed by Sirelo] have provided me with the most amazing service exceeding all my expectations.
The whole team from office to collection and delivery teams have been really transparent, attentive, professional and courteous (what is much appreciated). The pricing was also very sensible but to be honest this was the least of our worries. The goods were collected and delivered at the agreed time and they did not lose anything or cause any unexpected damage.
I will certainly keep their details on file for future use and recommend them to anyone who does not want to chance a bad experience.
Timely and careful
Moved from Viana De Cega (Spain) to Saxmundham (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
If you moving from one country to another please don't use them or be very careful. I made a mistake not google them which is one of my rule when engaging with company like this and this is a warning for other people. For international moving, your moving is done in 2 stages. They will first move your items into their warehouse and if the list you gave is not identical with the items they pickup or they will miss classify item on list, be ready to get nasty additional bill. If you don't pay additional changes, your items will not be delivered and the warehouse cost will be added, is like holding your items as hostage.

Their business of operation is very simple they are not interested in keeping customer because how many time will someone move in their life time. They know this very well and treat customer very badly.
The guys that picked up and delivered were nice and helpful
They hold your items hostage
Admin office terrible
Moved from Maastricht (Netherlands) to Crawley (United Kingdom)
Response of
Dear O.,

I am sorry that you are unhappy.

We provided a quotation for an economy service for an agreed volume as a part load move in conjunction with other customers in a shared truck. This was based on a small and specific list that you had provided to us. The volume was calculated from your list for the space this would take up on the truck. During collection we were asked to load extra items- 1 x suitcase, 3 x crates, Ironing board, Holdall bag, Metal rack, Wooden rack, Steps, Toaster, Cushions, Large Sofa (less a washing machine that was not loaded). We have only charged for the extra items that have been moved for the time this has taken and the space occupied.

I am sorry once again for any confusion or misunderstanding. Please email [email protected] if you want to discuss this further or call me on 01842 816600.

Kind regards
Neil Pertoldi
 on Sirelo
They did a good job. They navigated tight parking, stairs, and wet weather. Both ends of the move were handled by pleasant, hard working team members.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Oosteeklo (Belgium)

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