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FIDI and the FAIM Certificate

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In this article you can find out all the information you need to know about FIDI Global Alliance, as well as the FAIM certificate issued by them as a sign of quality. If you’re looking to book a reliable moving company, check out our top ten list of movers which includes some moving companies from FIDI.

What is FIDI Global Alliance?

FIDI is an international federation for international removal companies. With over 600 members worldwide, all of FIDI’s affiliate moving companies must adhere to their strict quality criteria, composed of 200 requirements. This means that you can rest assured that a FIDI moving company is specialised in high quality international moves. 

The FAIM Certificate

FIDI Global Alliance developed the FAIM standard, which is the exclusive certificate for the international moving and relocation industry. The only way to be a member of FIDI is to earn this certificate, and to remain compliant to it. The FAIM quality label is the world’s only recognised quality certification for international moving companies.

FAIM accredited relocation companies are also independently audited by EY, ensuring that every FIDI affiliate meets the same high standards. Not only must they comply with operational requirements that relate to the quality of the service they provide, but they must also prove they have solid supply chain management and are financially healthy.

FIDI Criteria

By holding every company to the same criteria, FIDI members have all reached the same high quality standard. There are more than 200 quality criteria required to become a member of FIDI, covering the following areas:

  • Strong focus on quality services
  • Must comply with anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-trust requirements
  • Pre-employment screenings – your mover is someone you can trust
  • Supply chain management – the movers are responsible for the whole move
  • Data privacy protection management – your personal and sensitive data is safe
  • Foundation and international moving service requirements – you know your mover is qualified for successful moves abroad 

Note: The quality criteria are reviewed every three years, and a financial audit is conducted annually by Ernst & Young.


Why should you move with a FIDI partner?

When choosing a FIDI affiliate, you are paying for high quality rather than necessarily getting the cheapest price. This means you can have peace of mind when it comes to your move being conducted well, and indeed, can avoid further expensive mistakes.

FIDI affiliates not only have highly trained staff and a network of high quality partners, but often offer extra services that can make your move go even more smoothly. Some of these services include:

  • Apartment search
  • School search
  • Moving with pets
  • Help with immigration
  • Applying for visas and work permits
  • Cultural and language training

How do I find FIDI removal companies?

If you want to find a FIDI mover in the UK, you can recognise them by the logo below or specifically search for FAIM certified removal companies on the “Find a FIDI Affiliate” page.


What next?

We hope our article has helped you further understand what being a member of FIDI means. Of course, you can find good moving companies that are not a FIDI affiliate, in which case we recommend that you check their most recent reviews to verify their quality.