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33% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 8.8 out of 105 reviews on other platforms.

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Fox Moving & Storage provides domestic and international removals services. Whether you’re looking to move home or relocate your business. They also offer storage solutions.


Albert Crescent, BS2 0SU, Bristol
0117 971 9713
Unit 3e Pentland Close, CF14 5DJ, Cardiff
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Out of 3 Sirelo reviews
33% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 8.8 out of 105 reviews on other platforms.
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My wife is a paraplegic and we engaged Fox movers in Stourbridge we paid them £800 up front. This included help with packing. On arrival the removal men said they had to ring their boss, we then had a phone call from a lady saying that because of hygiene concerns they would be cancelling the job. My wife is a paraplegic I work full time plus see to her daily care. My house is small which is why we had to move but it is not in any way dirty. The way they treated us was utterly disgusting and they basically left us in a vulnerable situation as we had to vacate that property on the day as other people were moving in
Moved from Dudley (United Kingdom) to Dudley (United Kingdom)
Response of
Dear Mr B

I am very sorry for the inconvenience that was caused to you but as you know, our vehicle arrived punctually at your home on the appointed day and the crew carried out the required appraisal of the property for Covid-safety reasons. Given the circumstances, their opinion was that they would not be able to carry out the move safely, therefore after you had spoken to their manager they were instructed to return to their depot. We immediately refunded 100% of your removal charges directly to your bank account and without dispute.

We very much regret that this occurred and the difficulties that were caused, but the conditions did not meet with the necessary Covid safeguards that we have to adopt to carry out a removal with the care needed and in line with government advice. We provided you with our Covid precautions in the appointment email for your survey and it was discussed again with you at the time of the survey. The same advice and information was repeated in writing as an attachment when we sent you your quotation and we also sent you a 16 point questionnaire the day before the removal to establish whether you understood the necessary arrangements to carry out the move safely. We have a duty of care to protect our staff as well as our customers from harm, so we go to great lengths to meet the guidelines that are necessary to carry out a removal properly and legally in these difficult times. Under the current and prevailing circumstances, our industry is allowed to carry out removals so long as certain conditions are met and our customers are normally very happy to see the care that we take to be able to operate the removal.

I apologise for any distress that you experienced and if you contact me directly I would be happy to discuss the issues and provide more detail, but it is only fair that other reviewers see the reasons for the extremely rare circumstances that caused us to decline to carry out your removal.

Stephen Denning
Quality Manager
I can only express my thanks and admiration to the Fox removal team of [names removed by Sirelo] who organised, itemised, packed and loaded my household and worldly possessions over a two day period. This team were a credit to Fox International and tackled the job with a combination of care, expertise and humour. Although this is the first stage of the journey to Australia it is safely on its way.
Attention to detail.
Market place value for the task.
Moved from Llandudno (United Kingdom) to Brisbane (Australia)
Packers were not interested in saving cubic feet /meter space for the Customer. I ended up paying 100cft more than originally checked & quoted space by three movers.
Bad experience.
Excellent company
Good international connections
Packers were interested to increase the volume
Immediate staff always blaming Customer even though it was their Customer.
Moved from Nuneaton (United Kingdom) to Lake Forest (United States)
Response of
Hi Mr Z.. i am sorry to see your complaint but I would remind you of the following. Your move was quoted from a list supplied as you declined to let us survey it and to the best of my knowledge it was not seen or surveyed by any other movers. The initial, estimated quote was revised down from 9.4 cu metres to 7.08 cu meters at your request and as per your emailed instruction. When we collected the effects, the final volume was measured at 8.2 cu metres and you have been charged a small extra charge as agreed by you. The difference is not 100 cu ft but is actually 1.1 cu metres, which is 39 cu ft or 15% increase from the volume which you provided in writing to us, before we saw it. I am sorry if this is not acceptable and that you are disappointed, however i thought that other viewers would appreciate a more accurate summary of the move that we undertook for you. I apologise sincerely for any dissatisfaction that you may feel but please contact me directly if you would like to discuss further. Stephen Denning, Director.

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