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Doree Bonner International is a National and international home and office moving company.

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52% of the users recommend this removal company
 on Sirelo
This company broke my late mum’s furniture, which had been in the family for 150 years. Accidents happen, but they claimed no liability for the damage. The man who delivered the item was also extremely rude, f-ing and blinding the whole time. I will never use Doree Bonner again. Simply awful.
Careless with furniture
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Sydney (Australia)
 on Sirelo
My sister arranged to have her personal belongings moved from Australia to the UK with these cowboys. They failed to advise the time of delivery despite having agreed to do so. In fact, the delivery driver missed the delivery window entirely. Regardless of which, they arrived in a large lorry despite being told access was tight and being asked to send a smaller van. Of course, being D Bonner, they then asked us to pay for the second delivery attempt even though they screwed up. No admission of fault, no apology, accused my wife of lying (we have CCTV!). Will update the review once we've had a chance to go through our goods, with photos if anything's been damaged.
Moved from Dartford (United Kingdom) to West Malling (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
1. I researched months in advance here and chose DB based on their reviews (what a huge mistake was to omit the many negative reviews reflecting their international shipping) and contacted them in Oct 2021 on their website (as they offered 40% discount if everything was done online plus 50 USD off for shipping from UK to USA). A 'member of the DB international group' (as he signed his email with and I will only initial him [Name removed by Sirelo]) about to retire, hence many decades of sales man experience contacted me with a long list of things they can do, saying most importantly that my items will be 'loaded to our next scheduled departure' - this was far from the truth, as I discovered later, proof they only tell you 'salesman things'
2. We arranged for my 500 cubic feet of items (I organised them mimicking a shipping container with my 120 boxes of different shapes carefully packed with 3 forms of identification against my log, to be collected on 25 Nov 2021, being told the payment will be taken a week prior to collection.
3. One week prior, having heard nothing from them, I called them as no one was answering the phone asking them how do we organise the payment? Even when finally reaching them and making the payment this proved problematic as they had a software issue with the old technology they were using and they forgot about honouring the 50 USD discount still mentioned on their site ([Name removed by Sirelo] never agreed to honour the 40% discount on their site)
4. I then received an email from a lady called [Name removed by Sirelo], who seemed to be receptionist/Export dept detailing how long my items will stay in their warehouse aka 'consolidation period saying 'average consolidation period can be anything between 1-6 weeks!!!! - this is how their warehouse makes the money
5. Even 24 hours prior to them taking my items they did not reach me, so late afternoon I called them to learn what is going to happen the next day, on 25th of Nov? I was told that 2 different vans will come from 2 different parts of London to collect my items? I then realised this was indeed the beginning of a long list of problems I am going to have - too late though to cancel everything and start again with another shipping company who will probably manage everything in the same manner, based on the many reviews sites
6. The next day, one guy arrived at 9am to collect my items but he could not tell me where was the second van purely because he was death-mute. I called [Name removed by Sirelo] who said he is going to investigate, but never heard from him again as his emails were very minimalistic since I paid the shipping. At 10.30am the second van arrived and we finally started the removal process as they were subcontracted and came from Gatwick area - probably [Name removed by Sirelo] subcontracts everything and keeps tabs on these guys hence the positive reviews they get for national UK removals. My items, carefully packed were all placed erratically in their vans (took videos to create a video review), proof they did not care about mimicking a shipping container the way the shipping sales agents seem to mention all the time - their way of pretending they know better than us, the customer
7. One month later, I contacted [Name removed by Sirelo] only to reply saying my items will be shipped on 16th of Jan 2022 and will reach New York on 1st of Feb 2022 with a ship called Tempanos - I kept checking on MarineTraffic and noticed the ship was nowhere near Europe, so contacted [Name removed by Sirelo] again to be told my items will reach USA one week later now, on 8th of Feb 2022 and when questioned again he chose to send another minimalistic and very un-professional email 'we can only provide transit details when a shipment has left British waters. However the ship was not Tempanos but Palena!!!!
8. Even when speaking with the USA agent they had no information whatsoever about my details and [Name removed by Sirelo] mentioned in his email of 24th of Jan 2022, the ship will go 'into the US gateway of Philadelphia'
9. I finally received my boxes in March 2022 after paying several hundreds of dollars to ContourUSA run by Russians with poor English, as 'port tax' [Name removed by Sirelo] never mentioned when asked in 2021, so over 14 weeks later while being abused. Their 'staff', 3 black guys with face covered in tattooes and missing teeth abused me further saying 'you were howling and squeeching' when they told me some boxes were missing. The boxes were not missing though but they damaged several painting on the edges and broke the glass on some prints. The UK insurer only covered 50 USD, despite the prints being purchased in the UK.

To summarise: DoreeBonner should not be in the international shipping business charging the fees they charge with no explanation as to why besides the insurance fees with a similar baseless logic. They do not care about you and your items and will lie as described above, just like all the other shipping companies surviving out of us, the customers.
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Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Chicago (United States)
 on Sirelo
The company staff I spoke with were professional and exceptionally helpful with every aspect of the move including the paperwork and country requirements for the overseas move.
The team who attended to pack were professional, friendly, courteous and worked in a very small space.
Moved from Kingston Upon Thames (United Kingdom) to Perth (Australia)
 on Sirelo
Was great having an assessment on video chat to make sure we had the right amount. The team came and packed up the boxes, they were very professional and it was done quickly and easily. My boxes haven’t arrived yet so hopefully it’ll be as good on the other end
Moved from Twickenham (United Kingdom) to Clontarf (Australia)
 on Sirelo
Missing expensive items, seems to be a common problem with this company. Useless follow up from them. Suggest using someone else
Moved from Sydney (Australia) to London (United Kingdom)

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