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 on Sirelo
The courier left parcel behind sender door.
I was unable to contact anybody. They didn't answer for months.
Later company rejected any claim and don't want event refund money: 'that the claim form has been rejected as the parcel wasn't placed into the cardboard box.'

Even I have a photo with parcel that is excellent packed in box.
Failure to comply
Moved from Salsburg (Austria) to Budapest (Hungary)
 on Sirelo
I've sent a package from Spain to Italy. The package arrived completely destroyed, open and with expensive missing items.
I've sent them a picture and they assured me that I would surely get a refund after submitting a claim.
This happened in August, haven't heard from them anymore, tried to contact them a lot of times, both via chat on their website and via email.
I will never use this service again and don't suggest it at all.
Moved from Madrid (Spain) to Palermo (Italy)
 on Sirelo
I did place an order on the main page of the website.

There are 3 options Parcel, Palet, Freight. There is no '?' with a description of each type.

I chose a pallet, assuming it would be a larger type for multiple boxes, and increased the limit to the normal 30kg limit.

During the checkout, there was no indication of any special requirement regarding my order. My order was 243 euros.

In around an hour
Sales manager [Name removed by Sirelo] reached out to me for order confirmation and told me that I needed to provide a pallet and cover it in clear/black film.

I said that there was no info that I needed to provide a pallet and pack it like that. And in this case i can't procced and would like to cancel my order and issue a refund.

All in a matter of hours.

And then she told me that my refund would be only 200 euros.

So basically they grabbed 43 euros for nothing and didn't provide the full info during checkout. Did nothing related to my order except ask for a pallet.

So I believe you should go with more transparent companies, which I ended up with.

Ecoparcel has a misleading poor website, with hidden agendas. Don't recommend dealing with them at all.

Also, they show a pop-up window with up to 50% discount, which does nothing and shows nothing inside the dashboard. They just grab your email and that it.

Most companies give you a small a few % discount coupon code when grab your email. Those thise ones can't even create a proper lead magnet for their website.
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Moved from Zagreb (Croatia) to Lisbon (Portugal)
 on Sirelo
I want to share my experience with ecoparcel. Unfortunally I have to say that is was a big disappointment from start to finish. I shipped a package from Italy to The Netherlands. First the package was damaged on the way and I received an email that it could not be delivered but I could pick it up in Holland...I live in Italy, so that is not very convinient for me. After many emails I was told that the package was send back to me in Italy. I never received anything. After many more emails I was told that the package was disposed! Those where my belongings, I bought those items as a present for my friends. I trusted this company with my goods and not a single time any employee felt the responsability to care for my items and either delivered those to my friens or returned them to me. My claim for a compansation was denied because (after again many emails) me was told the package contained restriced items. I have looked at the list of restricted items, but my package did not contain those. Very bad expirience!Read more
Moved from Verona (Italy) to Amsterdam (Netherlands)
 on Sirelo
I highly don’t recommend this service at all. They simply rob people funds.
This seller has robbed me. They have charged me, they supposed to pick up my parcel, 2 days my family was waiting at the home entire day for them to come and pick up the item for shipping. Nobody has shown up, they didn't ring the doorbell nor called the mobile number.
I have contacted them but they don't want to refund which is very disappointing and un acceptable from their end.
The worst company I have dealt with ever.
Moved from Merseburg (Germany) to Iłowa (Poland)
 on Sirelo
I contacted them to send 3 parcels with new born baby's items to my sister in Italy, from London, UK.
I paid £75 for the delivery. They collect the parcels, in the meantime my sister was asked to pay £60 custom tax in Italy and after they said that the parcel can't be sent to the final destination and that I have to pay another £75 to receive my parcels back to London. After I made the payment I received back to London two parcels instead of 3, the most valuable one suddenly got and my sister lost together £210 and one valuable parcel. I will try to get the police involved.
Failure to comply
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Abano Terme (Italy)

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