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F A Removals are a reliable and vibrant removal company established in February 2002, specialising in home removals, commercial removals and man & van services. F A Removals provide removal services all over the UK and work with several independent companies to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible.

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 on Sirelo
I’ve been struggling to decide whether to write this review for some time, but I feel that the disappointment, frustration and upset we have experienced from our move needs to be addressed, and F A Removals has ignored all attempts to request redress.

We paid for a full service, including packing, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and finally unpacking. Unfortunately the service we received fell well below the standard we were expecting.

I believe that main cause of the problem was that on the initial packing day, F A Removals' operatives left the site far too early. They left at 3pm, leaving a huge amount of packing still to be done, and having done none of the furniture disassembly whatsoever.
This resulted in a huge amount of stress on the day of the actual move, where the disassembly was left until right at the end, meaning it was rushed, and most of our furniture was damaged. It also meant that we were extremely late in vacating the property, meaning that it not only caused us stress, but it caused our buyer stress, and our various agents too. My wife was in tears on several occasions.
We eventually only left the house after 4pm on the day of the move, meaning that we arrived after dark at the new house, and a rushed and disorganised unloading began. More of our remaining furniture was damaged at this point, many boxes destined for the house were put in the garage and vice versa, and not a single box was unpacked.

We still haven’t found some of our things, as some boxes were buried in the garage loft space, and we still haven’t managed to dig everything out.

The two main issues that I would have liked to be addressed are:

1. Damage to our furniture – Items damaged included our bed, my daughter’s cabin bed, my desk, the day bed in the spare room, some expensive oak kitchen units and various shelving units. Our patio furniture has also been scratched and scuffed, and the protective paint on our trampoline frame was extensively scratched, meaning that the steel frame is starting to rust badly. In fact, nearly every item of our furniture has been marked in some way.

2. The unpacking service – We paid £500 for this service, and as I mentioned before, not a single box was unpacked. The operatives left so early on the packing day, and took so long on moving day, that they only finished unloading the vans at around 8pm, and didn’t provide any unpacking service at all.

In the original quote to us, F A Removals cites an A class service and guaranteed satisfaction, but I’m afraid they did not achieve this during our house move.

Repeated attempts to request action have been ignored, and so our last resort is to publish negative reviews for the poor service received, and to contact the Removals Ombudsman.
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All furniture damaged
Unpacking service paid for, but not provided.
Moved from Broxbourne (United Kingdom) to Shefford (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
I used FA removals for our family move from Manchester to London. The service provided was initially great, a quote (which later wasn't provided accurately!) was provided and we booked before the move.
Unfortunately several items including our king mattress, £6k dining table, and various other items ended up damaged.
I reached out to claim / receive compensation for the items but it has now been over a year and I am no longer getting a response.
We have had to purchase a new mattress due to damage to the springs and the marble dining table has unstable legs.
I do not recommend using FA removals. The damages have ended up costing us far more than they would have if we'd have gone for another company.
Highly disappointed in the over promised service.
Not followed through even after further complaint.
Moved from Manchester (United Kingdom) to London (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
I booked FA removals and paid 460 pounds deposit 23 days before the move. I had booked packing and removals.
I first got concerned when I called the company to enquire about the time when the packers will come to do the packing. I was told that they will come between 2-3 pm a day before the move on the 29th June-21( the move was on 30th June). That there will be 2 people who will attend. I was extremely concerned about this as I was not confident that they will be able to pack every thing -(4+1 Semi- family of 4 -living in the house for over 10 years) in half a day. When I expressed concern and reflected on some of the negative reviews I was told by [name removed by Sirelo] that he is worried that I will be bad for their reputation and that FA removals will not do my removal .
This was a few days before my move and I had to request and plead not to cancel and when I said that we will pack clothes etc [name removed by Sirelo] said that 'that's the response I was looking for'
We had paid for a full packing service !!!

All this had made me concerned that the company had overbooked and did not have capacity to move the number of bookings they had made .

My worst nightmare came true 3 days before the move. On Sunday the 28th June they called me to tell me that my move has been cancelled citing Covid outbreak as a reason.

Since then they have failed to give any evidence of the outbreak despite me requesting this
They have failed to inform me how many moves they carried out on the 30th of June and on what basis they decided which moves to cancel
In an email it was suggested that Slough Depot based moves were canceled- When I informed them that my move was based with their Dartford base not slough - they did not respond
Initial email said that Deposit will be refunded in 14 days . I emailed them several times and then they said it will be refunded on 21st July

I have been patient so far and have not yet received my refund

I had a horrible move , with lots of damage and loss.
The company has no complaints procedure - When [name removed by Sirelo] was threatening to cancel the move I asked him what's the complaint procedure he said 'it is me - I am the manager -you complaint to me'

They are not registered with an ombudsman or any regulatory body where you can make a claim.

Please be wary of them -even if you have to spend a few hundred pounds more chose someone else -At least you get a service !!!
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FRADULENT COMPANY Not returning deposit
Moved from Bishop's Stortford (United Kingdom) to Bishop's Stortford (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
My expensive LCD TV was broken in the move. FA removals have acknowledged this and apparently opened a claim and then proceeded to ignore all correspondence for a year. I am now having to take them to court. DO NOT USE.
Moved from Chichester (United Kingdom) to Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)
Response of
FA Removals do not have any information for the above client. If this is a genuine review, could the above client kindly write into the office at [email protected] and provide a name, reference number or quote ID
 on Sirelo
It's been 2 weeks since we had the most dreadful move of our life carried out by the most inefficient people appointed by FA removals. I wish to lodge a formal complaint against F A removals with regards to the move we had on 20.6.21. These are the main points of my complaint which I emailed to the guy named [name removed by Sirelo] ( posit the owner of FA removals) but has been ignored till date.

1. The inventory checklist was emailed to them on the 23rd of May 21, detailing the items that need to be moved.

2. The £100 deposit was pain on 27th of May. Had to chase up several times for an acknowledgement.

3. I followed up multiple times and confirmed and reconfirmed the details of my move to ensure there are no goof ups whatsoever.

4. I received a call very late evening on the 19th of June from [name removed by Sirelo] and he hesitantly mentioned that he could not locate the inventory list. I told him the exact date when it was emailed; since I did not receive a further call back, i assumed things were all under control and that he has found that email and has all the necessary details reqd forvthe move next day.

5. 20th morning, the removal van with 2 men came on time for the move. Shockingly neither of them spoke even a little bit of English.This was extremely frustrating for us as we were not being able to communicate with each other.

6. The movers walked into the property with muddy shoes, badly soiling my carpets for which my end of tenancy cleaning cost increased manifold. The professional movers would lay a carpet and would have disposable feet covers so that the property remains intact. I called you to let him know about this but inspite of this the big guy continued to enter my brand new house later with his shoes on, however the younger guy was sensible and he took off his shoes everytime he came into the property.

7. After looking at my stuff the movers said ( from whatever sign language and broken English I could make out), that the van was too small to accommodate all our stuff. I was shocked as an inventory list was provided to FA removals long time back, and also even though the sofa was mentioned in the inventory, it did not need to be moved as we already got rid if it, but still they struggled with space and left behind a lot of stuff which we had to move ourselves and this caused a lot of stress as we had to make at least 25 trips back and forth because of the stuff that was left behind

8. My husband tried to convince them to dismantle the dining table like it was done at the time we moved from Romford to maidenhead but the movers kept insisting in their own broken English and sign language that we leave them alone as they know how to do their job.
The result? My lovely glass dining table was broken onto million pieces. Also to my shock, they placed a heavy box on top of one of my clearly marked fragile boxes and moved it later when we pointed this out to them. As we are so busy just moving the remaining stuff from the old house to the new house, I havent even had a chance to open my boxes to see if anything got damaged because of the careless handling by the movers. On reaching our new home, we were welcomed by the broken dining table and also a broken shoe rack and a broken beautiful little seater. [Name removed by Sirelo] assured me that I will get the full compensation from the insurance company but till date hsvent had a response from their end.

9. On reaching our new home I received a call from [name removed by Sirelo] asking me to pay the full remaining amount. This was never agreed and like the Romford to Maidenhead move in 2019 , carried out by FA removals, it was agreed that I would pay the remaining amount after the job was finished. He kept insisting that this is another company and we have to pay them and they will not do the job till they receive their payment. My contract was with FA Removal and if they were short staffed on the day, firstly they should have informed this to me in advance to see if the date could be changed so that their own staff could handle the move and not some unskilled unprofessional inexperienced movers like the one they sent that day. This is entirely their fault that they outsourced it to some other useless company without my knowledge and hence the onus of paying them in advance was entirely theirs. I refused to pay and explained them the situation and convinced that if the job is done I would definitely pay the remaining amount. The whole process was handled extremely roughly starting from damaging items to entering my new house with muddy shoes on to getting my husband to help them with almost every box. But I still paid the amount as asked by [name removed by Sirelo] straight after the job was finished.

10. Shockingly, the guys did not follow any Covid protocols and did not bother to wear masks.

I am extremely disappointed with the service from FA Removals and request this to be treated with utmost urgency. I have again spoken with [name removed by Sirelo] this afternoon and were shocked to learn that he has still not initiated the insurance process and we have given him 1 more week's time to deal with it. I have also demanded a full refund of the money that we paid him for the move as the service was the poorest one I have ever experienced in my entire life. He clearly said he would not refund the money which is absolutely unacceptable. I request the higher management to look into this carefully and process my refund on top of the insurance money. The whole thing had affected my mental and physical health immensely ever since we had the move.
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Moved from Maidenhead (United Kingdom) to Reading (United Kingdom)
Response of
Our client had previously used FA Removals for her removals 2 years ago and was very complimentary of the service.

Our client came back to FA Removals for her removal 2 years later and requested she have the same vehicle and service she had 2 years previous. The service advisor asked our client if she had exactly the same belongings she moved previously and the client confirmed the items were the same. Our client changed her removal date several times as she was having work done on her house and the final change of date by the client ended up being during the stamp duty holiday. FA Removals were extremely busy and mentioned to the customer that there was a possibility that the removal would be subcontracted which the customer agreed to

On the removal day, the subcontractors that undertook the removal called into the office and mentioned that the customer had far more belongings than what had been listed and sent videos and photos into the office showing this to be the case. The c ustomer was called and made aware of the situation but was insistent that it should all fit into the vehicle. The subcontractor's also mentioned the customer was extremely rude and was telling the removal men what to do, how to carry the items and how to load the vehicle.

Following the removal, the customer called the office several times hurling abuse and threats at members of staff. FA Removals have asked the customer to send in photos of the damage which we have not yet received

Also, regarding Covid protocols, all staff members employed by FA Removals must show proof of a negative Covid test prior to removals. We do not require our team to wear face coverings as removals are a very strenuous and exerting job but what we do ask is that our clients social distance at all times to give the staff members room to work.

As soon as our client can provide us photo evidence, the sooner we can resolve the situation. Once again, the delay is not due to a fault by FA Removals but due to the client not providing evidence which is essential to start a claim.

Finally, there is a certain time scale to dealing with insurance claims, which we have spoken to our client about on numerous occasions. We do hope that our client can contact us at her earliest convenience to ensure she does not miss the deadline.
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 on Sirelo
Really awful. Dont use them. Guy who came to assess how much stuff we had was really friendly and helpful so we decided to use this company despite getting cheaper quotes elsewhere. On moving day men in unmarked vans turned up who had been subcontracted to do the job and were being paid fraction of what we’re paying. All the promised wardrobe boxes etc failed to materialise. Several bits of furniture couldn’t be moved even though whole flat had been assessed. Several items were badly damaged and company has completely ignored my emails asking about damages.
Damaged items
Bad customer service
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to York (United Kingdom)
Response of
FA Removals have no record of undertaking a removal for any customer with the details contained in this review. If the review is genuine, FA Removals would encourage them to write to us on [email protected] with a customer ID or reference number

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