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 on Sirelo
I see on a previous review they used the same delay tactics on that job as they did in mine. My previous move took 3 hours 2 men Mayfair/Pro removals took 7 hours with 4 men go figure that one out, my experience… Horrific experience unprofessional and damaged several items during the moving process. The people sent were being paid cash for the day had no previous removal experience and had been picked up for a days work from Halifax. They used delay tactics at the first address to extend the time it took to move increasing their charges and thought it appropriate after turning up late to use my bathroom for their morning absolutions. Steer well clear, they gave me the creeps and refused to acknowledge the damages although photographic evidence was sent whilst the movers were still on site. Worst removal company ever. Deceitful and should be reported for false advertising on their website, they refer to being approved by Harrogate Borough Council which is simply not true nor are they fully insured or my damaged items would have been covered.Read more
Careless with furniture
Moved from Harrogate (United Kingdom) to Harrogate (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
After moving two year prior and it only taking 1.3 hour with two movers I couldn't believe it took them 4.3 hours on and off. After 30 min only one box had gone on. They was 30 minutes late, which I had to pay for. They drelibratly took there time and were not strong enough to lift some items. They demanded Paying before the job was started and before it was done. Leaving stuff all over the front of my house and nothing where it was landed or I told them to put it. Unless you want to blackmailed by thugs who do really bad job don't use this company. They don't even take deposit of the bill 😡
Moved from Chesterfield (United Kingdom) to Chesterfield (United Kingdom)

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