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 on Sirelo
I was given a quote based on pictures sent via Whatsapp.

Even though I had sold two chests of drawers in the meantime, on the day I was told our belongings were too heavy for the van and we risked getting a ticket.

I was given the option of an additional van at extra cost or to leave a wardrobe behind. I refused to pay extra as I had already paid for all my furniture to be moved and
given the circumstances and the time constraints, I had no other choice than to leave my wardrobe behind.

The new wardrobe cost me £500.

I do not recommend them at all and wish I had paid more attention to previous reviews.
Failure to comply
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Norwich (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Their Luton’s can't take more than 1,000 kg load, their van are single axis, unsuitable to take the 3.5 tonne weight of a home removal! They need to be double axis to cope. They’ll get stopped by the police (or say they have) and charge you an extortionate amount extra for another van. It cost over £2,300 to move a few items which they held to ransom, until we paid an extra £816 or not see the items again! We already paid in full up front. BEWARE, It seems this happens frequently. We did NOT agree to the extra charge, we had NO choice but pay to get our elderly relative’s furniture back! Use a reputable company belonging to a trade association or risk getting scammed by a company promoting fake reviews on Check a trade, who responds to reviews with lies. THEIR POLICE FINE COPY IN THEIR EMAIL RESPONSE WAS DATED THE DAY BEFORE OUR REMOVAL!!! Customers are not responsible for their drivers’ police fines! Absolutely absurd! Nor weighing their furniture! There were no heavy white goods, the tv and microwave were taken ourselves the previous week. The state of the tatty van they sent would attract police attention. It didn't look roadworthy. Not the one pictured on their website. I've posted images as evidence complete with the quote and listed items, to warn others on google reviews. They didn't protect the mattresses, now soiled from their dirty van floor. No Heavy white goods to move either. They promote their business on the ‘’Checkatrade’’ site and pay a subscription to advertise with obvious fake reviews. They advertise home removals for UK and Europe, they deliberately mislead people for financial gain. Save yourself stress by steering clear. Check what vans they'd be using in accordance to weight. No one needs the anxiety and stress this company caused us and our elderly relative. In addition, that awful sick feeling of being conned. Everything was fine when they loaded. They were happy and polite. They also have a furniture shop and storage. I wonder if that’s where they take furniture, from those who can't pay? See my photos on Google reviews as evidence of the contents of the half empty van.Read more
Moved from Canterbury (United Kingdom) to Lincoln (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
proclaimed to be every careful with knowledge of moving art works, and antiques, Frames had chunks missing! a piece of Marble went missing. very poor job, DO NOT USE!!!
Terrible Terrible Terrible!
Moved from Paris (France) to Bologna (Italy)
 on Sirelo
I had a horrible experience with this company yesterday and I wouldn't wish any customer will have to go through the same. They have a problem of communication and employ people who are not prepared for the job. While chatting with the back office was always smooth, what I actually experienced during the day with [name removed by Sirelo] and his colleagues was quite different. This is possibly not [name removed by Sirelo] and [name removed by Sirelo] fault, or the additional driver they hired, even though the fact they don't speak a word of English doesn't help much. But the one person who really is a liability is [name removed by Sirelo], who started the day arguing with me about parking at 8am, until I asked him whether he wanted to quit the job right now? I do regret very much that I did not do that, but instead went ahead. [name removed by Sirelo] is a bad driver, he is a bad packer, he is careless and disrespectful. He clearly hates his job and takes it out on the customer. At every single point of the process, I had to run after him, make sure they didn't break things or cause damage - which they still did: I was quite worried during the packing every time I heard them throwing things around, but I was really busy packing myself. That is because [name removed by Sirelo] always tried whenever possible to avoid doing any work himself. I realised today unpacking how much damage has been done. Additionally to some broken glasses, frames, and small presents, the packers damaged the wooden staircase in my house, taking off wooden splinters from the edges, and left a lot of dirt behind so that I had to constantly clean after them. At every single moment, at every single problem, I had to reason with [name removed by Sirelo] (who either ignored or dismissed my concerns). He seems to derive pleasure from making the life of his customers hell, and the best thing is: he will start cracking jokes at your expense (for instance, after he lost a few screws of my wooden shelving unit, he said when reassembling 'you know what, I'll send them in the post! Haha!'). As a packing-relocating company, I would expect that you hire people who are ready to pack, label and move stuff around with care (e.g. pictures, frames, plants, etc.) none of which they did. I would expect that workers would be careful to follow instructions (e.g. where to put the stuff): instead the workers ignored any of my concerns and requests, and just made sure they did everything as quickly and poorly as they possibly could.Read more
time keeping
poor attitude
damages done
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Cambridge (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
I could not have asked for a more professional team, courteous team. All of whom have a ‘Can do’ attitude. My move was done at the time agreed and delivered promptly. Everything put in its place and items that needed to be reassembled were done as per promise. Very competitive quote. Excellent job! I would use them again and would recommend them highly. Thanks to the office and all the team for there hard work.
Very polite
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Luton (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Terrible company - avoid avoid avoid. This company promised me a smooth safe move of my belongings from my 4 bedroom house, and I paid for their packing and moving service. They said all the right things and I felt safe I was paying a significant amount for a professional service. They suggested 3-4 people per day for 2 days would be required and 2 vans. Instead on the day 2 people came in 1 small van. They what I can only describe as threw my clothes into boxes (despite being promised and paying for wardrobe boxes). They didn’t help with any disassembling despite the quote saying this was included. They left the job unfinished, leaving carpets and cupboards full. They left large holes in my walls which they then “repaired” causing even more issues. When I complained after the first day the owner [name removed by Sirelo] was rude and dismissive and stated I needed to pay more money to get the services they clearly quoted me for and said were included on email. What’s worse and traumatised myself and my young family was that when the took the first van load they then went for lunch and ‘disappeared’ for 2 hours. I then had a threatening phone call to say that if I did not pay the balance my belongings would be taken to storage. They haven’t issued me with a receipt that is suitable even for tax purposes. When I complained again later they said I should be thankful I did not have to pay more as the 2 movers they sent (despite promising me 4) had to stay after 6pm!! It seems lost on them that if they had done what they promised this would not have happened. This company is what can only be described as unprofessional d criminal and I suggest you avoid it at your peril.Read more
Damaged goods, unregulated
Haven’t given me a receipt
Moved from Lonodn (United Kingdom) to London (United Kingdom)

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