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White & Company are one of the UK’s largest international moving companies, shipping household possessions, not just to the key migrant destinations (Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA), but worldwide.


Wolseley Road, MK42 7EF, Bedford
01234 816 727
Elliott Road, BH11 8LN, Bournemouth
01202 901 238
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International removals
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White & Company is accredited by the following associations:

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We do not know whether this moving company subcontracts the moves or executes them with their staff and vans.
Out of 7 Sirelo reviews
29% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 7.8 out of 10 reviews on other platforms.
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7 out of 7 reviews shown
Where do I start!!!!

If I could leave no stars I would.

I would like to send a message to all serving personal.

We in the MOD move quite a lot and myself has moved 4 or 5 times in the Army. White&Company are by far the worst I've ever used and a heads up to you guys and girls. When you get told to use this removals DON'T.

They first come to my door with a attuned. They told me I have to pack up the kitchen but bare in mind me and my wife packed 40 plus boxes to help them out (my removals had a package service included) and they didn't pack a thing.

I have a very heavy and very expensive running machine and I told the 2 healthy looking biggish lads I will help the get it out off the house. They told me no problem we can do it. 1st we had just essentials being brought to the house and 2nd day we had the rest (yes they needed 2 days). I told them are you sure your alright with the running machine and they said yes.

The next day they bought some more things but left loads at the house because they couldn't be bothered to pack none heavy items. I asked them you got my running machine where they reply no we could lift it.

I got in contact with Spire removals couple of lads I used before. Not only did they get my running machine they also toke the time to pack the rest of the stuff and bring it over to my new home.

Spire where shocked to see my back garden full of boxes the dents in my newly painted walls and a rip in my kitchen floor that just carring in my washing machine. The only thing they did carry in!

There is so much more I can put but this last 1 thing to put the cherry on the cake. My daughter paint a lovely plate and it was a personal keep sake when she was little. They rolled a glass full box down my outside steps in front of my wife who was a bit shocked with there aggressiveness. And broke lots of pots and my little girls plate.

So please please pass this message to your friend to make them aware of this company 'White & Co'.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Not professional
I can go on forever
Moved from Salisbury (United Kingdom) to Salisbury (United Kingdom)
A chap from White & Co came to our one bed apartment to give us a quote, as we packing up to move overseas. We showed him literally everything we had to move, which was only small goods and personal affects, and had a comprehensive chat about the move. We were given a quote that was reasonable and in line with another companies. Everything was packed and we awaited our final invoice.
This is where things gets bad.
The invoice was literally DOUBLE what we had been quoted. Not only that, when we tried to call them to resolve the issue we were told that WE were the ones that had been dishonest: they claimed we had must have “hidden” items from the person who gave us the initial quote, whom conveniently no longer worked there. We were just... shocked. I don’t know if you’re familiar with most one bed London flats but I’d have a better chance of winning the lottery then successfully hiding twice the amount stuff we own in our 46 square foot flat. Every attempt to resolve the discrepancy in the invoice was met with hostility. If we hadn’t been in another country by that stage we would have fought it harder but the stress and wasted time and energy was already starting to take it’s toll, so we paid the invoice and tried to forgot about the worst experience with a company I have ever had.
Terrible customer service
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Victoria (Australia)
Last October, we hired White & Company to pack our belongings and move them from UK to The Netherlands. The sales manager and the movers were friendly, but communication was poor. There was a lot of confusion about when they would come to our house and when they were packing they didn't communicate, which resulted in many short-term storage items ending up in long-term storage boxes. For the rest the movers did their job reasonably well.

After a few weeks in storage with White & Company and being repacked in a combined load with other European removals, our things were delivered to a self-storage box. The movers who delivered our belongings were quite rough and didn't have any equipment with them, no trolleys etc. Some items fell on the ground on the way from the truck to the storage box.

Three months later we picked our things up from the self-storage box when we moved into our permanent house. When we unpacked all the boxes we found out that a fair number of items were damaged or broken and that in general, a number of boxes (especially with books) appeared to have been handled rather roughly during the moving process and packing of pictures was done inadequately.

The broken items were (amongst others): two mirrors, a wine glass, DVD cases, one of the glass shelves from the glass cabinet of my grandmother, the glass of a standard lamp, garden decorations, the top of a Moroccan cooking pot. The broken mirror had been noted at delivery, because it had come out of the packaging. The broken glass shelf and other broken items had however not been noted until unpacking. When we contacted White and Company about the broken items they said that the broken items should have been noted at delivery at the storage box and that their insurance policy does 'not provide cover for the subsequent removal from storage'.

We are, however, sure that the (Dutch) movers moving our belongings from the storage box to our house did not break anything, because they were super careful, had professional equipment and we were both present all the time. We think that the problem occurred during the repacking at the White premises to combine our load with those of others for the international move.

I would never recommend White and Company for an international move.
many broken items
poor communication
Moved from Birmingham (United Kingdom) to Nieuwegein (Belgium)
A complete nightmare from start to finish, all our instructions to the Company were ignored by the crew that turned up to move us on 30 - 09 -2019, did not heed our advice re removing sofa bed from upstairs and in doing so damaged the interior wall which had to be made good for the new owners when they moved in. It was just one disaster after another from which we are still recovering from. P.D
Started off friendly and accommodating, appeared to know what they were doing.
It would appear that although we were the paying customers our requests took second place to our wishes. When contacted Main Office with our concerns we were met with a patronising attitude and not at all helpful.
Moved from Surrey (United Kingdom) to Highland Region (United Kingdom)
Not a trustworthy or honorable company in any way. Would not recommend them if moving home, look elsewhere.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Auckland (New Zealand)
Very helpful and experienced; good price. Not a full house move, just three items of old family furniture. Cares for it well.
Professional but personable
Good price
Moved from Broadstone (United Kingdom) to Sydney (Australia)
Efficient, friendly and professional service.
Moved from Bath (United Kingdom) to Guidonia (Italy)

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