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About Divino Moves Ltd

Divino Moves are based in Twickenham, South West London and primarily cover the local area, Central London and the surrounding Counties.As well as the move, they can help with packing and unpacking too if requested. They can also just provide the packing material and leave you to the packing, if that's what you'd prefer.


National moving
Man & Van
Art transport

Type of Removal Company

We do not know whether this moving company subcontracts the moves or executes them with their staff and vans.
Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 9.7 out of 61 reviews on other platforms.
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I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. I found this company on google and feel obliged to leave this review to make sure no one else will be using them again. Divino movers moved our belongings in May 2018 and we were happy with their job but we didn’t have furniture at that point. We instructed Divino Movers to move our belonging again in May 2019 but this time we had furniture some of which was relatively expensive. Next day after moving I realized all furniture was covered in scratches and dents and the last drop was when I discovered Tempur mattress protector had holes all over due to putting the mattress against furniture with metal handles which pressed into mattress protector. Four days after I emailed Divino movers asking to replace damaged items and also informing that doors and draws were not aligned correctly which was causing more damage to the furniture but they refused to take responsibility as according to their terms and conditions I had to inform them within 48 hours and offered a petty compensation of £65. I informed them that consumer rights act 2015 overrides their terms and conditions and provides a degree of protection for up to six years but they never bothered to respond. I then sent a Letter before court claim but again divino movers blatantly ignored it. We then discovered cot bed was wobbling because they didn’t screw all of the screws and all wardrobe screws were screwed in the wrong place and damaged the wood. I called him hoping to sort it out and he confirmed he would not compensate for the damaged furniture unless I took him to court. He agreed however to refund for the mattress protector and offered to send a handy man to polyfill the dents and fix all faults. Handy man informed me he would not be painting the whole wardrobe but would only patch up the dents. To cut it short the handy man was not even capable to figure out how to adjust wardrobe draw correctly. After handy man polyfilled one dent I asked him to stop as it made wardrobe look even worse. I called and left voice message and then messaged Divino Movers on WhatsApp but he then blocked me. Not only they damaged furniture, completely screwed assembling all of the furniture but then decided to escape responsibility. Their insurance is a joke which is just an attraction on their website. Little they understand they will now spend more money on legal fees than the cost of the damaged furniture. So unless you have no furniture or you don’t care it being damaged you can take a risk otherwise stay away from these individuals.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to London (United Kingdom)

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