Moving Tips: 11 tricks to help make your move easier

Here you can find the most relevant moving tips to help you prepare for your move and make it a more manageable experience.

1. Start early

Save yourself some stress by being organised and starting off a month of two in advance. We have created a moving abroad checklist that provides some useful information regarding the process of moving abroad.

2. Inventory list

Moving your furniture abroad can be extremely expensive. A helpful tip can be to go through your personal belongings and write down what things you will want to keep, what will be thrown away and what will be donated. It can seriously reduce the time of packing as well as the price of your move.

3. Calculate your volume

Make sure you measure the volume of your furniture beforehand. If you are using a removal company or moving on your own, its best to know the size of your move as it can help you in the future when deciding on how to transport your personal belongings. Moreover, by knowing the size of your move, you can start to create a layout of your new home.

4. Get quotes

When moving home, removal companies may offer you a price different to others. Therefore, it is important to receive quote requests from multiple movers to make sure you choose the right company. If you are interested in getting a price for your move, you can fill out the form to get up to 5 free quotes and save up to 40%!

5. Create a labelling system and number your boxes

An effective way of doing this is by using coloured tape and have each colour coded to a particular room.  This should ensure that you don’t mix things up and you can settle in to your new home much quicker. You can find some more techniques when labelling boxes here.

6. Defrost and drain white goods

A couple of days before your move remember to drain your washing machine and defrost your fridge freezer. You don’t want any nasty surprises in your moving van with leaks over clothes or even electrical items!

Moving tips

7. Tape screws together

Losing screws is probably one of the most common disasters. Taping them together or putting them in a small safe box prevents you losing them.

8. Put electronic goods in original packaging

Keeping original packages can come in handy. This prevents any damage and makes them a lot more easy to carry from a to b.

9. Take photos of how your electronics are connected

Taking pictures of how things are plugged in will save you lots of time and stress, especially when you just want to watch some TV.

10. Packaging protection

Make sure that you have enough packaging filler or bubble wrap for the move. Running out can put you at risk of damaging your possessions, and any extra that the movers have they are likely to charge you an inflated price for. A good way to save money, is to wrap certain valuables in blankets and clothes. Even screwed up newspaper balls or rolled up (clean) socks work well for smaller delicate items. Be creative!

11. Shipping vs storage

Think long and hard if you need to take everything abroad. The more you move the more expensive your relocation cost will be. Would keeping it in storage for a period of time be a better or cheaper option?