How to Move a Washing Machine

A Step-by-Step Guide

Been toying over how to move a washing machine to your new home? If so, you have come to the right place. Whether you are planning on hiring professional movers, or want to move a washing machine by yourself, this article has got you covered!

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Moving house is stressful, not least moving your washing machine. So, why not listen to this soothing playlist while you work your way through our article.

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Listen to our Spotify playlist
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How to Move a Washing Machine with Professional Movers

Moving a washing machine is not something to be taken lightly, quite literally: washing machines usually weigh in the vicinity of 65-80 kilograms. So, why not take some of the pressure off your shoulders (again, literally speaking!) and ask your removal company to do the legwork for you. They are experts for a reason! If you are yet to find a removal company, request free quotes from us to get the ball rolling!

Why Choose a Professional to Move Your Washing Machine?

Still not convinced? Below we have compiled a list of reasons why moving a washing machine is a job best left to those in the know 😎

  • Experience. Washing machines are tricky old things, and also expensive! The drum suspension mechanism in your device is very prone to damage when subject to movement and vibrations. While it might seem cheaper to move your washing machine by yourself, this will quickly change if you incur any damage and have to buy a new one. Not a house-warming present anyone wants!
  • Safety. The only thing more important that the health of your washing machine, is the health of YOU! While we don’t dare doubt your strength, injuries can and do happen. Again, a trip to A&E is not a happy welcome gift.
  • Equipment. To prevent potential disaster, there is a bunch of specialist equipment needed to move a washing machine safely. Professional moving companies will have this incorporated into their costs, but you won’t be able to magic these out of thin air. It will cost you both time and money to source the necessary items.
  • Peace of mind. Did you know, moving is considered the third most stressful life event? One way to minimise this stress, is to relinquish responsibility where you can. Using a removal company, rather than learning how to move a washing machine by yourself is a sure way to do this.
  • Time. This one isn’t rocket science. One less thing on your moving house checklist means more time to concentrate on other things, like getting a good night’s sleep, for example!

We totally get it; moving is expensive and you are thinking of ways to cut back on costs. However, we firmly believe that moving a washing machine is not the place to do so. Instead, why not take a look at our removal costs page, which includes other tips and tricks to save on your move.


How to Move a Washing Machine by Yourself

For the stubborn characters among us, if you are insistent on learning how to move a washing machine by yourself, we want to make sure you do so in the safest possible manner. That is why, despite our grumblings, we have put together this how to move a washing machine guide. Follow this meticulously to reduce the possibility of damage to you or your washing machine along the way.

What equipment will you need?

First things first, as mentioned, there is a bunch of specialist equipment required when moving a washing machine. To ensure there aren’t any hiccups, source and arrange all your bits and bobs before you even think about doing any heavy lifting.

To get your brain ticking, here is a list of items to think about before you attempt to move a washing machine by yourself:

  • Moving blankets
  • A bucket
  • Slip joint pliers
  • A rope or carrying straps
  • A dolly
  • Duct tape
  • Washing cleaner
  • Transit bolts
  • A moving truck
  • Your washing machine’s manual

This last one is important – consult the manual before you get started. If yours is long gone, a quick Google search can often save the day!

Before you start lifting

Hold your horses, because it is still not quite time to start lifting. Learning how to move a washing machine is as much about technical skill and finesse as it is about your biceps 😉. It is therefore imperative that you follow these steps to prevent injury to you or your machine.

  • Clean. At least 24 hours before moving day, run your washing machine with no clothes in it using washing cleaner, then leave the door open to dry.
  • Disconnect. Unplug it from the power source and the water supply. For the latter, use your joint pliers (carefully!) with a bucket at the ready to catch any leaking water.
  • Transit bolts. Attach the transit bolts to the washer. Before you ask, no – it is not possible to move a washing machine without the transit bolts. Unless of course, you want a broken machine upon arrival…thought not!
  • Secure the electrical cord. Wrap up and tape the electrical cord to the back of the machine to avoid and annoying leads, or worse, tripping hazards.
  • Moving blankets. Wrap your machine with your moving blankets and secure with your duct tape.
Seeking Professional Moving Help?
Just a washing machine isn’t too hard to move, but if you have multiple white goods or other household items, you could find yourself with a lot of wasted time and even a broken back. You should consider finding a removal company. Click below to get some free quotes!
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The big move!

Yes, it is finally time to put some welly into it and move your washing machine into your transit vehicle. Here’s how:

  • Phone a friend. Ohh, I get by with a little help from my friends! Never a truer word said, particularly when it comes to how to move a washing machine. Trust us, this is not a task you want to undertake alone, so get your helpers ready.
  • Dolly. With the help of your trusted companions, tip the washer backwards and slip the dolly underneath. Your rope or carrying straps can help give you more leverage to lift the washing machine here.
  • Move the dolly. Getting from A to B with a washing machine in hand is no walk in the park. Do not, and we repeat, do not rush as you wheel the dolly through your house. If ascending or descending stairs, take extra caution with a spotter underneath.
  • Vehicle. Next, move the washing machine into the vehicle, either by rolling the dolly up a ramp, if you have one, or lifting carefully.
  • Strap up! Once you have lifted your machine off the dolly and into the truck, secure it with straps so that it doesn’t move around in transit.

Tip! Lift from your knees not from your back to avoid any nasty injuries.

At your new home

  • Transit bolts. Remove these! It is easy to forget.
  • Reconnect. Replumb the washing machine by reattaching the taps, plugging it in and running an empty cycle as a test run.
  • Have a well-deserved cuppa. We mean this! Learning how to move a dishwasher by yourself is not for the faint-hearted. If you manage to do so without any damage, we are seriously impressed.

Tip! When reconnecting, be sure there isn’t a run between the drain hose and the washing machine. If so, dirty water can enter your washer. Ew…

To Conclude…

The simple answer to how to move a washing machine, is don’t. Instead, choose from our comprehensive list of removal companies, and let the experts do the work. At Sirelo, we are committed to helping you move with a smile, so we will leave you with this:

What do you call someone with a PhD in washing machines?

A spin doctor!