International Health Insurance When Moving Abroad

Moving to another country can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. We often make a checklist of all the different things we should prepare before the big day: housing, banking, flight… But how about the most important thing: your health? Taking out a health insurance is a must if you plan to move abroad, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. To help you find the right health insurance that suits your specific situation, here are a few tips and advice we would like to share with you!

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International Health Insurance for Complete Safety

If you are wondering for which reasons, we specifically recommend international health insurance, it’s simply because this is the safest and most comprehensive option you can have in terms of health insurance. Also called iPMI or expat insurance, international medical insurance is provided by private insurance companies to people, expats and globally mobile people who seek comprehensive coverage including maternity, dental, vision, emergency, treatments and diseases. It offers medical services that local public insurance might not give access to. Public health insurance offers basic and limited coverage; however, some countries make it mandatory. That is why you should make sure to have the right information depending on your new country of residence.

Different Types of Travel Insurance

International health insurance is the best solution if you are planning to move abroad for a long – or undefined- period. On the contrary, travel insurance is usually a more affordable option, but it suits only short-term trips and vacations. It will only cover minor mishaps and injuries during your stay, along with lost belongings and flight delays. If you want to read more about it, please read Foyer Global Health’s blog post about the differences between IPMI and travel insurance.

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The Main Advantages of International Health Insurance

Convenience: The main benefit of taking out expat insurance is definitively the high coverage – and peace of mind – you can get. You can be pretty sure that you would be reimbursed in case of severe injury or medical operation, and that you can get quick help in case of emergency situations. A 24/7 assistance is always available to help and advise the customers at any moment, in their preferred language. When you move abroad, you can never know what will happen next!

Flexibility: Private health insurance will also provide extensive services such as teleconsultation, repatriation and evacuation options. Etc. There is great flexibility in the choice of your coverage, cost and duration as well. Depending on your needs and the level of coverage you would like to have, you can personalise your plan and choose deductibles to lower the cost. It is really up to you to define and control the budget you allocate to your health insurance.

Global: As expected for expat insurance, iPMI offers you coverage wherever you are. If tomorrow, life brings you to another country, or you just want to visit your family back to your home country, you will still be covered by your insurance policy.

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When moving abroad there are two things that you need to take care of, your health by having health insurance and money. The latter is a bit trickier, but read our page on how to transfer money abroad and it’ll all seem simpler. Just click below to do so!
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To Conclude…

We hope that you can now see clear on what international health insurance really is. We know that the epidemic of COVID-19 has certainly changed some of your expatriation plans. But for those who had the opportunity to leave their country, you do not have to worry! Most private health insurance companies do cover expenses related to COVID-19. They can sometimes deliver health insurance certificates covering COVID-19 which are needed to enter a territory. We invite you to check the information in your policy with your insurance company.

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