Why you should live in Lyon

December 15 2016, Joana Kroon

Why would Lyon be a great destination for expats and travellers alike?

I would recommend Lyon as a city to live, work and visit because it a nice big city in France. Moreover, there are many things to do and to see. It is smaller and less busy compared to Paris, but it has all the charm of a typical French city. It is also cheaper than Paris. There are lots of restaurants and different
attractions you can visit for example; Le Musée des Confluences, le Musée des beaux arts, theatre of Fourvière, Hôtel de Ville and La place bellecour which is a large square in Lyon. There are many options you can see and visit. Aside from that, there are some really good universities in Lyon as well as major companies like Bayer and Sanofi Pasteur.

Lyon view

What is one experience you shouldn’t miss in Lyon?

One of the best experiences in Lyon that you can have is joining in on La Fête des lumières. It is the lights festival and it happens each year on the 8th of December. The name is a dead giveaway as it involves many lights, it’ s really amazing and colorful. The Festival is a tradition to end the year and usher in the Christmas. You can have red wine and crepes on the streets and just enjoy the different colourful lights on the walls . It is really nice.

How are the people in Lyon?

People in Lyon, I would describe them as being young and dynamic. Unlike in Paris, they are a bit more welcoming and less stressed. Of course, in the mornings it is a bit busy in the metro, however, it’s alright. There are also many international students due to the different Universities in Lyon and it is truly a nice city to study or work in.

A typical work day in Lyon

Usually, people go to work at around 8.30 am or 9.00 am and they work till 17.30 pm or 18.00 pm. People generally have a break at 12.00 pm or 12.30 pm till 14.00 pm. Many people go home for their lunch break. People 35 hours per week.

Panoramic view of Lyon with Saone river by night, France.

 How is the Nightlife like and what to do during leisure?

The nightlife is really nice in Lyon. There are many places and many bars you frequent in Lyon, but I would put Hôtel de Ville on top of the list. I also especially like Ayers Rock Boat; which is nice place to party on the water. For leisure, I would recommend le parc de tete d’or. It is a really a nice park to spend time walking or cycling. Particularly in the summer, many people go there and there is a small zoo as well. I would also really recommend the food in Lyon! Check out Bouchon Lyonnais, it is a great restaurant and I would advise to get typical french dishes like saucisson brioche. Definitely visit Vieux Lyon as well. It is the oldest district in Lyon, with cobbled streets and all, it is really a typical french district.

During the summer, there are less people in Lyon because many people leave the city to go on vacation elsewhere. However, it is still quite nice. you can visit the park or go for an afternoon tea in one of the many tea- rooms.

Last words?

Do not hesitate to come to Lyon, It is a nice city to live and work.

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