Working in Ireland

Last updated: November 20, 2019

Working in Ireland is a popular option for those in Britain looking to improve their quality of life, mix with friendly locals and lead a simpler lifestyle than back home in the UK. Due to the relatively low corporation tax in Ireland many multinational corporations are based in Ireland creating lots of job opportunities.

Working in Ireland

Ireland was one of the countries hit hardest in the global financial crisis of 2008, however, it is now in recovery and experiencing higher growth rates than many of its European neighbours. A common travel area exists between the UK and Ireland, allowing for an easy passage between the two. In addition, both countries are members of the European Economic Area, allowing for visa-free work between the two countries. As well as attracting large businesses, Ireland’s low tax rate also attract small to medium size businesses as well as start ups. This means that there is somewhat of a junior version of silicon valley that is developing in Dublin.


Those looking to start their careers in Ireland may find it difficult initially. Experience is very important when it comes to working which means that there is a large focus on finding internships. Unfortunately these internships are often unpaid as there is no law stating that there must be a minimum wage for internships.

Working in Ireland

Similarities & Differences to Work Culture in the UK

Many people choose to move to Ireland due to being both culturally and geographically close. This means that initially there are several similarities such as language, weather and familiar surroundings. In addition to this people tend to have less cultural differences compared to countries further abroad.

Work life balance

Business culture between the two countries has become more similar than in the past, however there are several fundamental differences. The first is work life balance of Ireland. Irish values have traditionally been based around family. Whilst this is still true it must also be noted that the work life balance has shifted slightly more towards work, one of the reasons why the country has experienced such positive growth since joining the EU.


One of the great benefits of working in Ireland is the language. As a UK national there will be no major language based problems with emigrating to Ireland. Small problems may arise when it comes down to strong accents or regional words or slang. Furthermore the Irish are known for their great ‘craic’, a self deprecating sense of humour that many find charming and is very compatible with the typically British sense of humour.

Corporate social responsibility

Due to the influx of multinational corporations into Ireland in recent years (as a result of the low corporate tax rate of 12.5%), especially the technological giants such as Google and Facebook, a greater onus has been focussed on CSR. Although this does depend on the individual business.

Working in Ireland

What Next?

The popularity of Ireland as a place to work is growing and it is easy to see why. For more information on living in Ireland click here.