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Advice from a guy from Astana, Kazakhstan

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Ever think about moving to Central Asia? Well maybe you should! We interviewed with a guy from Astana, Kazakhstan to learn more about this beautiful city and why it is a great place for expats to move to.

Why should Astana be a destination for travellers and expats alike?

If you are given an opportunity to visit any country in Central Asia, I would say that you don’t even have to think about it, just choose Kazakhstan! Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, it is known as one of the youngest and at the same time coldest capitals in the world. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most beautiful and futuristic cities on Earth!

Baiterek in Kazakhstan

Astana can be a tempting city for travelers because it is the city of peace! It is the only city in the history of the world which gathered and held an inter-religious dialogue for the first time. The meeting included 17 delegations from all over the world. Religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Shintoism, Hinduism and Buddhism all gathered at this meeting.

In Astana, you will see a lot of awe-worthy and original buildings such as the biggest theatre in the Central Asia, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and the world’s largest tent which is a huge shopping mall complete with restaurants, cinemas and even a jogging track! There are many restaurants, clubs and parks, so you will enjoy your spare time greatly in Astana.

khan shatyr in Kazakhstan

For expats, Astana can be also very interesting because as mentioned before, it is one of the youngest, fastest-growing cities in the entire world. There are many national and foreign companies in Astana, which seek competent, talented and ambitious workers.

What are some great attractions and festivals in Astana?

Every year on the 6th of July there is a big holiday called Astana day (birthday of the city), and on this day you can see the longest fireworks show in the world. You can also visit Astana EXPO2017, this exhibition will be dedicated to future types of energies and will take place in 2017.

Fireworks in Astana

In Astana, you can enjoy your time in the parks and at the shopping malls. However, you can also visit different museums and theatres in the city. During the winter, you can go to the largest indoor ice rink in Astana, which is about 32.500 square meters. Even if you decide not to do any of these activities, you will still have a great time just by taking pictures of the architecture of the city. Thus, you will never be bored in Astana!

How are the people in Astana?

People here are very proud of their history, cuisine, culture and traditions. At the beginning of your stay or visit here, you will probably think that people in Astana are not so open. You will not see them smile at you, as you may be used to in European countries, but in reality, it is not like that! People here are very open and hospitable, even too hospitable sometimes! So don’t be surprised if a guy whom you met for the first time invites you for lunch or dinner at his house.

Moreover, it will be considered rude to reject his or her offer if you are free (in case you are really busy then, of course, you can politely decline the invitation). Additionally, don’t be surprised by the sometimes very personal questions that you will be asked, It is not strange to be asked questions like: ‘‘What are your wages? Are you married?”. Try not to take it the wrong way though, it’s all asked in a positive light.

Nowadays, there are a lot of young people who speak English in Astana, so it won’t be much of a problem to have a chat in English with them. The older generation, however, may have a difficult time communicating back in English. However, young or old people will always try to help you in any kind of situation.

How is a normal work day in Astana?

Normally the working day in Astana starts from 8am until 6pm, employees have time for lunch, normally from 1pm to 2pm, so you have a 1hour break. But in some work fields, for example, in construction, people may work for 12hours. However, it is important to add that the salary will be respectively higher.

Last words?

At any time, you can make a decision that will forever change the direction of your life! So if you get a chance to visit Astana, don’t hesitate and confidently come here!