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Moving Belongings with Sentimental Value

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After the passing of her mother, Silke decides to move all her items of great sentimental value from Germany back to the UK. Find out how she managed this particularly harrowing moving experience.

We’d like to know the origin and destination of your move, and most importantly the reason of your move. How did you experience that?

I’ve moved inherited goods from Germany to the UK where I live. My mum had passed away and I had to empty her flat before I returned to the UK. I had to pack up items from her household, that I wanted to keep. Everything had to fit into 12 boxes and two suitcases. The items were things that reminded me of her life. I took crockery that she used on a daily basis, but also crockery that only came out on special occasions like Christmas or family get togethers. I’ve packed some books that she had read and a lot of personal photos.

Choosing a good moving company is painful, we know that. How did you manage to find the perfect one among the thousands of existing ones?

My partner in the UK started looking for a service to transport several boxes from Germany to the UK. They all seemed to be quite expensive. We nearly chose one of those companies and thought that we would not get around the high expense. I did a quick google and Sirelo must have been on the first page, so I put in a request. I received a phone call from Sherpr probably on the same day. They made me an offer that was a lot lower than what we’ve seen so far. I’ve started the process online, which seemed fairly easy and I was set.

Take us through the moving day – did everything go as planned?

Sherpr got TNT to pick up my 12 boxes. A guy turned up on the day looking surprised about how many boxes there were. I guess drivers don’t get told how many items they are picking up from one address. After we sorted through the bits of paper that he needed, he started taking the boxes downstairs. There was no lift, he complained. He ripped one of the boxes straight away, when he tried carrying two boxes at the same time (grabbing one box with each hand on only one handle). I thought that wasn’t very professional. Eventually all boxes got in the van.

 What are 3 tips that you think could help others make their moving day less chaotic?

  1. Be prepared that delivery drivers aren’t prepared to carry multiple items. You could offer to help carrying your boxes to the van. Print out more copies of paperwork than said for the driver. Your printer will be packed up by the time the driver arrives. My driver needed more copies. Luckily I had more lying around.
  2. Make a list of each boxes/content, so that you find items easily after your move.
  3. Make sure to tape the boxes very well. This includes all side edges and handles. Some of your boxes will get ripped in transit.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

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