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From Ilford to Ireland

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To find support from his family, John decides to move to Navan, Ireland. Despite the initial stress of the move, John found the experience to be overall positive and now is looking forward to starting a new chapter in his life.

Deciding to move to another country requires courage – Where and why did you decide to move?

I am a disabled adult who had found his support system had drastically shrunk over the previous few years so I decided to move to Ireland where I had more family around. I also felt I needed a change in my life and that this move was the exact thing I needed.

The experience was, as you’d expect (given the circumstances), fairly stressful. But finding the right company to manage the move of both my stuff and the possessions of a family member that had been in storage in the UK made it so much easier than it could have been.

How hard was it to find a moving company? Did you do some research beforehand?

I compared my quotes, both from the companies I was matched with here and ones I had gathered independent of this website and compared them to my budget.

Once I’d done that and used that info and my instincts to whittle it down to a shortlist. I then asked a few more specific questions about my move, I was able to further whittle down the list (not least because some companies completely revised their quote to one for a different type of moving service as soon as I asked some questions).

International Moving Expert‘s staff sold me on their service without pressuring me and were friendly and easy to communicate with. They were proud of their reviews and did a great job selling themselves to me despite their quote not being the cheapest one at that time (though, ironically, it would be once the other companies had changed their quotes).

But, more than anything, it was their staff and their friendly and easygoing yet professional manner that sold me on International Movement Expert.

How was the moving day? Did it go as planned?

The moving days pretty much went as planned. I wasn’t there when the stuff was picked up in London as I was on my way to Holyhead to get the ferry with my cat.

But my family member whom I left in charge said it was straightforward with minimal fuss. International Moving Experts were able to work around my family members’ travel plans and the stuff was picked up on time and loaded up quickly.

Moves like the one we did usually have a gap of a week or so between pick-up and delivery, but ours was a six-day gap (picked up on a Friday and delivered on the following Thursday).

The delivery crew was friendly, polite and easy to work with and they put everything where it needed to go without any fuss.

Overall, the build-up to the move and the personal travelling was much more stressful than anything that was done for us by International Moving Experts – their part of this was so almost completely stress-free.

And last question – After your experience, what are the best tips you can share with the rest?

Firstly, plan it out and give it a decent timeframe – if you’re moving abroad like I was, you will need to make decisions about what’s going and what’s not so you need enough time too umm and ahh if you’re like that.

Take the time to find the right company for you to work with on your move. While a lot of the factors dictated by my circumstances were in synch with International Moving Expert’s service, I would usually have dismissed them early on due to their higher quote if I hadn’t gotten good vibes and instincts from my interactions with their staff. Yes, you have a budget, but sometimes it’s worth a couple of hundred extra costs to get a company that works well with you.

Finally, work some time into your packing up schedule for rest breaks for yourself. This is a stressful process so give yourself some time to do something to unwind and destress from time to time. It’s vital.