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Expat Blog - How to Avoid Stress When Moving?

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Moving internationally is already a stressful task, not everything always goes as planned… One of the customers who used the moving company’s services shared her stressful experience when moving abroad. She made sure to provide some tips for people who are also moving abroad, so that anyone can properly prepare, do sufficient research on moving companies and have a smooth removal. Keep on reading to prevent any mistakes when planning your relocation!

Moving from the UK to Denmark – Expat’s Experience With a Moving Company

Can you give us some background information about your removal? How did you find the overall moving experience?

I was relocating from the UK to Denmark for work. For something that is already a stressful experience, using Deliver1 as a relocation company added much so more stress on top. My items were meant to be here after 3 days, but it ended up being over a week, and I was without items for longer than anticipated. On top of this, I was processing leaving my family, my home country, and my work, and venturing into something completely unfamiliar. It has been something which, once it hit me, really set me back. I think that culture shock hit me on the first weekend!

How did you choose the best moving company for your specific case from the many companies listed on Sirelo?

I did plenty of research and spoke to around 10 couriers about their prices, their methods of transport and transit time. I was keen to pick a courier who would collect my items from my residency and transfer them in a single van. While I knew this was a more expensive option, it was the safest for my items, as I have items of high value.
After all my research, Deliver1 appeared to be the best all-round balance of price, collection availability & transit time. On top of this, they also appeared to be friendly and had great customer service within their sales department. Unfortunately, once I paid, things stopped and none of the points which made me pick them was met from their side.

We are sorry to hear that the chosen moving company did not meet your expectations! Can you describe how the day of the move turned out? Did everything proceed as planned?

The moving day was extremely stressful. Whilst working my old job, I had to coordinate my work equipment collection, pack my boxes, and wait for my collection. However, when the time window came, no one arrived. I was unable to get hold of anyone within the company to help. Time was ticking down until I had to leave for the airport, as I was also travelling, myself, and had to continue working in the airport lounge.
My collection was 3 hours late, luckily I was able to get my brother to stay at my house, and he had to load the van when it turned up. The company gave mixed and contradicting reasons for this delay, but if it was not for my brother, I would have had to cancel as I would have missed my flight if I had to stay home longer.

We appreciate a lot that you are sharing your insights about the international moving process, and getting to know all the challenges, helping others to prepare for their move. Based on your personal experience, what guidance or recommendations would you provide to those who are planning their move?

✅ I would recommend that you are sure to do your research and really pay attention to negative reviews and also comments from others. I ignored some negative reviews and red flags because my interaction with the company seemed okay.

✅ I would also suggest you don’t have such a tight schedule as I did, where the margin for delays is non-existent. Maybe split and staggered over a few days.

✅ I would also recommend paying more for a more reputable company and not picking the cheapest.

✅ Be sure to have an idea of the methods and time for transport and be sure to record and document all promises as if they are not met, you have plenty to fall back to. I was lucky to have a lot of mine written in emails.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

How to Avoid Stress When Relocating?

This expat’s blog describes how the relocation process did not go as planned. They chose a moving company based on research and it appeared to be the best option, however, the experience was stressful and there were significant delays. This customer recommends doing thorough research, paying attention to negative reviews, and avoiding companies with red flags. It is also recommended to avoid a tight schedule, pay more for a reputable company, have clear communication with the moving company, and document all agreements in writing. This will protect you in case there are any issues or delays during the relocation process.

We advise you to prepare your moving in advance to avoid any complications and stress. Make sure to:

1. Start Preparing in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your move, pack your belongings, and selecting a removal company. Begin your research in advance to have enough time to compare prices and services. Also, research information about the destination point, what documents are required.

2. Research Certified Moving Companies and Read Reliable Reviews

Research the moving companies you are considering and read reviews from past customers. Look for any red flags or common complaints.

⚠️We also recommend choosing a mover that belongs to a moving association since it provides many benefits and peace of mind during your move. Moving associations are organizations that set standards of quality and professionalism for the moving industry. They have strict guidelines that members must follow to maintain their membership, which can include things like background checks and training certifications.

3. Consider Insurance for Your Move

Make sure the moving company you choose is licensed and insured to protect your belongings during the move.

4. Communicate with Your Moving Company

Make sure you understand the company’s moving process and timeline for completing the move. Ask the moving company about their experience in the industry and if they have handled moves similar to yours before.

By starting your research in advance and following these tips, you’ll be able to choose the right moving company that meets your needs and ensures a successful move.

We suggest using our moving abroad checklist to make sure that your international relocation goes as planned.