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Interview with a guy from Breda

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Are you considering moving to Breda? If you are looking for a vibrant and friendly place to live, work and socialise, Breda is the place for you! But don’t just take our word for it, hear it for yourself from a guy who has made the move to Breda.

Why should Breda be a destination for expats and travellers alike?

First of all, Breda is an open and welcoming city. It is really friendly. There are lots and lots of places where you can eat, drink or just have a good time. It is really beautiful as well, it is kind of old and there are nice architectural buildings. I especially like all the places you can sit outside. There are terraces everywhere, particularly in the city centre.

Breda square

What are some great attractions or festivals in Breda?

One of the main attractions in Breda I would say is the big church in the centre. It is really beautiful inside and I would definitely recommend expats or travellers to visit it. I would say that the terraces are an attraction as well. As for festivals there are quite a few. One that is especially interesting is the 538 festival on king’s day; which is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrating the birthday of the king. 538 is a radio station in the Netherlands that organises this festival.

It is usually pretty crowded, but loads of fun. A popular DJ’s that plays at the festival is Dj Hardwell, he is actually from Breda and he also plays at the local clubs sometimes. For students, the HBO intro is a really nice event to go to, moreover, it is free. Breda is quite the student city really.

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How would you describe the people in Breda?

People in Breda are very open and easy to talk to. They are not as direct as people from say Rotterdam but they are generally really nice people. I think they are very accepting and friendly. Since Breda is a student city you will find many young people in here.

Breda Firetower

What is a normal work day in Breda like?

A normal work day in Breda starts around 8.30 am in the morning with a break at noon for an hour or so and the day ends around 17.30 pm. A work day in Breda is like any a typical Dutch work day I would say. Only after work people sometimes go to the ‘kroeg’ which is like a Dutch pub. This, I think is something that happens in Breda (Brabant) more often than in other parts of the Netherlands. To go to the ‘kroeg’ with your children even and eat sometime there, relax and socialize with the other people.

How is the nightlife in Breda?

The nightlife is really awesome in Breda, so many different clubs, pubs and so on. I particularly like the ‘de Dunne’ and ‘de Dikke’ which are two pubs next to each other. If you are into rock, I would recommend ‘de Speeltuin’ which is a rock café I frequent and really like. It is a bit difficult to find because it is in a small street, but it is a cool place to go. I would also recommend to go to the ‘grote markt’ where there are many nice party-pubs and cafés like ‘Walkabout’ and ‘Pedals’.

Last words

Breda is especially a fun city if you are young. The city itself is not that big, but there are many things to do there, so you will never be bored. Besides the nightlife is just awesome!