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An interview with a guy from Cape Coast, Ghana

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We interviewed Sampson to learn more about Cape Coast, Ghana. Offering some great attractions, fun nightlife and welcoming people, Cape Coast is a destination you have to experience. But don’t take it from us, keep reading to hear it for yourself!

Why should Cape Coast be a destination for travellers and expats alike?

Cape Coast is an ideal destination for tourists and expats because it has the uniqueness of providing the ‘three S’, which are, sea, sand and sun. Apart from the heritage sites and attractions of interest, Cape Coast has one of the forty castles built by the Europeans. For tourists and visitors, there are a lot of destinations to see. The forest reserves, beaches and museums.

What are some great attractions and festivals in Cape Coast?

The annual fetu afahy3 (festival), which is celebrated the first Saturday of September is an interesting event to see. The festival is celebrated to ensure the cleanliness of cape coast and to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic. During the festival, there is a grand display of rich cultural performances. One of the significant events during the festival is the procession of chiefs and priest on what is known as akoms night”.

This event attracts thousands of people from in and outside Cape Coast to see the ‘mouthpiece’ of the gods of the traditional area. This event brings some feeling of pride among the natives of Cape Coast about their cultural heritage. The paramount chief also pours libation and this is also an important part of the ceremony. Bakatue which involves removing obstacles and separating the fosu lagoon enables the lagoon to flow into the sea without difficulty. This ritual is done with the aim of bringing more fish to the town.

Cape Coast castle
A major attraction in Cape Coast is the Cape Coast Castle. It was used in the transatlantic slave trade which took place from the 15th through the 19th centuries. The castle houses the famous “gate of no return”. The gate of no return is a gate in one of the dungeons in the Cape Coast castle. It was the last stop for a slave before they were shipped to other parts of the world. When a slave passed through this gate, they would never return home to their families.

Before traveling through the infamous Middle Passage, slaves were brought to the coast and held in fortifications such as Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Up to a thousand slaves could be kept in the dungeons. Conditions were appalling, with 200 slaves in one dungeon, often standing because there was no space to lie down. The floor was littered with human waste and many became ill with malaria and yellow fever. It is a very sad but undeniable piece of history.

What is the Nightlife like?

Nightlife in Cape Coast is fun. You can enjoy the live band performances consisting of rich African tunes at the Goil filling station at pedu. Or decide to visit the famous hasienda bar, which is one of the oldest in Cape Coast. You will also have a pleasant time at Elmina beach and coconut groove hotel. Another place to visit is Han’s cottage botel.

How are the people in Cape Coast?

People in Cape Coast are noticeably happy and they love good food. Actually, they love to party and hang out. Most young people speak English and many older people understand the English Language. However, many speak ‘broken English’ which may take getting used to but which can be easy to decipher when you do. The official language of Ghana is English, but aside from that, there are also many different languages under which the Akan language.

How is a normal work day in Cape Coast?

A working day in Cape Coast for those who are government-employed start work at 8:00am to 16:00pm, however, those who work in shops start work at 9:00am and work until 17:00 or 18:00pm. For those who work in offices, there is a lunch break in te afternoon between 12.30pm and 14.30pm. The normal working days are from Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

Last words?

Pay a visit to Cape Coast and you will experience luxury from the natural coastlines and beaches as well as enjoy the rich Ghanaian culture.

An interview with Sampson Apreku