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Living in Sweden


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My first impression of Sweden was that it was beautiful and very colourful, I loved the nature there. I lived in the south of Sweden in a city called Malmö. It is a popular city, especially due to the fact that it experiences the warmest climate in the country. Malmö is a sort of a melting pot of different cultures, you can find Polish, Arabic and Swedish all in one shop.

Expectations and realities

To be honest when I moved to Sweden, I expected racism or discrimination, being an Arab in a western country but found the exact opposite. The Swedish folk is very friendly and accepting. I quite enjoyed my time in Sweden, It was the simple things like cycling to school and being around family that I loved. It is strange, but I think one of the things I missed most about living in Sweden when I moved away were the School lunches among other things. Although, I must say that I do not miss the busy and full streets of Malmö.

Malmo Sweden

Thumps up for Sweden

I think that Sweden is a great country to live in if you have young children. In my opinion, It is one of the most transparent and open-minded countries in Europe. Parents get more benefits and holidays there than in most European countries. Moreover, there are a lot of job opportunities in Sweden for expats. I would not necessarily recommend Malmö because of how crowded it is. As I previously mentioned, It is a popular city due to the warm weather, and due to the many people, the chances of finding a job there are slim. However, other bigger cities in Sweden offer enough opportunities.

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The little things that count

What I admire most about Sweden is the structure, the laws, the honesty and their dedication to humanity and human rights. I do not believe you will find a law that makes people’s lives worse, all the laws are there to help people live a better life.

When I moved to Sweden at the time, I had no permission to stay there. I was a bit older than my brothers so by law I could not attend school. However, I went to my little brothers’ school and begged to attend their classes. The teachers talked to the headmistress and allowed me to attend the classes without signing in officially. which brings me back to my point about humanity. They took the risk of being fined by allowing a child in school who by law could not register. They refused to let a child stay behind at home while her brothers were in school. That meant a lot to me.

Children in Malmo - Sweden

Things to love about Sweden

Some of the things I loved and would recommend to do in Sweden would be to go to the beach or indulge in a gathering or a group activity. If you have the chance to move to Sweden, I would recommend visiting the Pipi Langstrom attraction park, she is a Swedish cartoon character. Seeing how Sweden honours its creations is truly lovely. People moving to a new country are usually worried about how the native people will act towards them, however, I can assure you that Swedish people are very friendly and polite. It kind of makes it hard sometimes to know how they really feel.

Would I live in Sweden long term?

Yes of course! I would love to live in Sweden. If only for the fact that I would feel secure there when it comes to my family’s and my rights as a human being. I wish every country could and would understand the main concept in Sweden; that a human’s life and well being are the most precious things a country has to grow and develop.