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Expat Blog - Tamarah's stress-free relocation back to the UK

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After living in Germany for 4 years, Tamarah moved back to the UK for a job. Read everything about her trouble-free international relocation with a moving in this expat interview!

Relocation from Germany to the UK – Tamarah’s stress-free experience

Can you share with us what motivated you to move and how you found the overall moving experience?

Moving back from Germany to UK after four years. Moving for a job. With Legend Removals, I approached them early having used them before. An employee responded quickly and they were flexible on a smaller move.

I moved to Germany in 2020 before the new post Brexit regime was in place. I knew it would be different now moving back and indeed there is more paperwork. But Legend Removals were reassuring and clear in providing instructions as to what to do. And the collection and delivery were smooth. Especially that my things arrived much quicker than I expected.

Out of the numerous moving companies listed on Sirelo, how select the best one for your case?

I had used them in 2020 to move to Germany – so trusted them. They were the first people I mailed – and was glad to see the company had survived the pandemic and Brexit!
I did though seek quotes from others – many companies only want full house moves.
For example, I used a search engine for quotes and initially received none! Then other quotes were maybe a touch cheaper but I was not so confident on experience – you do need to feel trust to have someone move items, especially sentimental items like paintings or inherited furniture.

Now, onto the exciting part! Can you describe how the moving day went? Did everything go according to the plan?

I had chosen to pre-pack myself, so I had been slowly getting things ready in the week or two ahead. I had put all my things into one room of the apartment
I had been given the 4 hour window for arrival two days before – exactly as set out in the original plan. And given the two day window also as planned.
My van driver called about an hour before he arrived- which helpfully was early in the day. He took over to load up the va. Very efficient and straightforward. We even added a couple of extra items as I had extra volume.

Drawing from your own experience, what advice or suggestions would you offer to others planning their own move?

Make a spreadsheet of tasks to do as soon as you know you are moving, and then work out the dates you need to do them.

Somethings can only be done at certain times – I made calendar reminders.
And make a spreadsheet of goods you plan to move especially moving back to UK post Brexit there is more paperwork so be prepared. Create a folder on your iPad/PC for scans of any documents and paperwork – you will often need the proofs of identity and address.

Moving is a chance to clear stuff out – so use the opportunity to donate items and recycle things. Plan some time to do that if you can.

Any last words or tips?

Choosing the right moving company is a key factor in ensuring that the moving process is stress-free and worry-free. By selecting a reliable and experienced moving company, you can focus on the excitement of moving to a new home rather than worrying about the logistics of getting there.

Thanks to Legend Removals my stuff is in my new home and I get to do my final leaving administration with peace of mind.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

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