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Settling in Berlin

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To settle in Berlin is the dream of many people and for different reasons but mainly for its relaxed atmosphere and its accessible standard of living. Although rents have increased considerably in recent years, the cost of housing and life in general is much more affordable than in most major European capitals. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family, it requires a minimum of preparation to settle in Berlin, especially in the choice of neighborhoods.

Young people wishing to settle in Berlin for their festive spirit will favor Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln. In the heart of Berlin, Kreuzberg is a trendy and cosmopolitan district, populated by young revelers from all over the world who live in harmony with a multicultural community.

Settling in Berlin

Neighbourhoods in Berlin

Crossed by the bucolic Landwehrkanal, the district is full of restaurants, clubs and trendy bars. Life in Kreuzberg is very pleasant but can be noisy and costly because the neighborhood is a victim of success and property prices are rising rapidly. The same is true for Friedrichshain, situated to the east of the city, on the other side of the Spree. An alternative and trendy neighborhood par excellence, its prices are also rising. In these neighborhoods, the inhabitants, all generations combined, often resort to colocation to have large spaces at a lower cost. Further south, Neukölln is also a popular area for young people, but has the advantage of being much more affordable, as it has not yet undergone major renovations in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

Mitte, the vibrant heart of Berlin, is a chic and trendy district, distinguished by its density and the presence of many business districts. To the west of Berlin, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg are residential and quiet neighborhoods, perfectly adapted to families. They count in fact many kindergardens and schools. These are mostly wealthy neighborhoods. Prenzlauer Berg, situated to the east of the city, is also a more trendy, modern, family-friendly neighborhood and represents a good compromise between family life and nightlife.

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Finding where to live in Berlin

If settling in Berlin and finding an apartment was child’s play a few years ago, growing gentrification has made things a little more complex. You have to arm yourself with patience, search the Internet and make your contacts play, but the game is worth the effort. Sub-leasing is a relatively widespread practice in Berlin. If it is tempting to have recourse to it, it is necessary to make sure that there is a rental contract and an official address, in order to accomplish the first necessary administrative step for all arriving in Berlin, the Anmeldung (the inscription). This formality is indeed necessary for many steps, such as opening a bank account in Germany. If all these steps are obviously easier when speaking German, non-German speakers have no reason to panic. You can get advice from people already living in Berlin, or from the many forums of expatriates in Berlin, genuine mines of information and advice.

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