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Moving to America from the UK

Costs, Checklists, and more

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If you are moving from the UK to the USA, then look no further. Check out this comprehensive guide with information on the cost of removals to the USA, an extensive checklist, and free removal quotes to make your move to America as simple as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to America from the UK?

On average for a 3-bedroom house you can expect to pay between £4000 – £6000. If you want some more specific detail then check out our page on the as the distance and volume will affect the cost of your move.

Check out our table below where we break down the costs from London to some of the major US cities to help give you some more clarity on the cost to move to the USA.

City1-bed house3-bed house (20ft container)4-bed house (40ft container)
New York£1500£4500£8000
Los Angeles£2500£5000£8500

Disclaimer. The above costs only reflect average removal costs to France. The only way to get accurate figures is to request removal quotes from us, which reflect the specific characteristics of your move.

If you’re still curious to understand the factors that will affect the price read our page on international moving costs.

✍️: Not sure how much stuff you have? Use our handy furniture volume calculator to do the hard work for you.

International Removals UK to USA

Looking to book a removal to America? Finding the right company with a proven track record of successful moves is key. Check out the 3 best international movers from the UK to the USA:

1. PSS International Removals





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Save Time When Finding a Removal Company

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Moving from the UK to the USA Checklist

When planning your move from the UK to the USA, it’s crucial to organize a few key aspects for a hassle-free move. The following points provide essential guidance to ensure your international removal process is as smooth as possible.

Before You Move from the UK to the USA

1. Important documents

Before you start your move from the UK to the USA, check that you have these documents, ensure that they’re valid, keep them safe, and even make duplicates:

  • Visa and Work Permits
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
  • University Degree(s)
  • Police Background Check
  • An inventory of your belongings for customs declaration

2. Packing

As your removal to the USA approaches we recommend that you start filling boxes at least 1 month before your move.

If you don’t like the idea of filling boxes, you can always find a removal company that offers a packing service so you can have a more relaxed move. A great place to start your search is with our list of the top international removal companies in the UK.

Moving to the USA? Read our helpful guide to become a packing expert.

3. Shipping a Car from the UK to USA

If you want to bring your car to the USA it with it must meet the following criteria before moving to America:

  • Must meet the fuel emission requirements.
  • Complete an EPA form 3520-1.
  • Complete a DOT form HS-7.

Check out our page on shipping your car overseas to get a complete idea of costs and documents.

Driving license

You can use your UK driving license in the US for up to three months. However, any longer then you are required to apply for an International Driving Permit or state-issued driving license.

4. Moving pets from the UK to USA

Moving to America with a dog or other pets isn’t a hassle. However, the following must apply for your furry friends to move with you.

  • Have a valid pet passport.
  • Be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Must not show any evidence of an infectious disease that can be transmitted to humans.

For more information, you can check the CDC website.

After You’ve Moved to America

1. Social security number (SSN)

This is imperative for anyone living in the USA. An SSN essentially is proof of residency, and you’ll need one when working in America.

Unfortunately, you can’t apply before you arrive in the States. However, you should prepare and find the local Social Security Administration office so you can take care of this as soon as possible.

2. Health insurance

Health Insurance in the US is vital, or you risk of being confronted with quite staggering bills. You might be asking how much is health insurance in the US? Average premiums are around £6500 for a single person. For a family it can average £19000. Check out our page on healthcare in America for more details.

3. Bank account

Opening a new local bank account will save you money on currency exchange and make your life easier. The American banking scene can be overwhelming, so start by exploring some of the following options:

4. Currency Exchange

We want you to save money. Which is why it’s crucial to transfer money from the UK to the USA. This will save you those pesky exchange fees. Check out our page on transferring money aboard to learn more.

Working in the USA

Apart from the generic ways of applying for vacancies, such as online or at an employment agency, you may find that unsolicited applications to companies are a good way to find employment if you are moving to America.

Applying online is also a popular way to search for a job, the most popular job portals in the USA are:

Check out our expat blog on moving to New York for work.

Working facts in the US

  • Workweeks are usually 40 hours with common overtime.
  • Holidays are fewer then the UK, often just nine paid days annually, and may require negotiation.
  • Joining a Union or consulting the employee handbook to understand your rights and duties.
  • Negotiation may be needed for benefits like health insurance and pension plans.
  • U.S. companies may not provide employment contracts, and dismissal or resignation can occur without valid reasons.

Work Visa USA

If you want to work in the USA, then you’ll need a work visa. Check out the Working in the United States page to get all the information you need. Below you’ll find the most common work visa for the USA.

Visa TypeDescription
H-1BFor skilled workers in specialty occupations.
L-1For intracompany transferees, allowing employees to work in the U.S. branch.
O-1For individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in their field.
H-2BFor temporary non-agricultural workers.
H-2AFor temporary agricultural workers.
H-4For dependents (spouse and children) of H visa holders.


Moving to the USA? Secure your visa first! Read our helpful guide below.

Living in America

Living in America offers a unique blend of opportunities scenery and much more. However, we know you might want to get some more information about the essentials of living in America.

Costs of Living in America

We have put together the following table, comparing the common cost of living in America VS the UK.

MetricUK AverageAmerican Average
Rent for 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre£930.12£1,460.80
Price per square feet to buy in the city centre£420.28£369.76
1 Gallon of milk£4.11£3.11
Basic Utilities (915sq ft apartment)£215.12£167.54
Gasoline (1 Gallon)£5.88£3.01

If you want to compare two cities, then check out Numbeo to compare cost of living in different cities.

Housing in America

Americas are known for their large houses. Most houses are detached. They are usually made out of wood with a nice porch in the front, this is very different in comparison to the UK.

Similarly to the UK, house prices vary depending on location. So houses in popular districts and larger cities will be more expensive to those in rural villages. Houses in areas such as Pennsylvania are much cheaper in comparison to those in the UK; however houses in New York can be equivalent to or more expensive than London.

Culture in America

  • There is a dominant Anglo-Saxon influence, but there are also African, Latin, Eastern European and Eastern influences.
  • The climate in the US can be very extreme ranging from desert to blizzard.
  • Americas in nature are enthusiastic people and very friendly and welcoming.
  • Clothing styles vary by social status and regions, different brands are associated with certain stereotypes and status.
  • The US is commonly know for its fast food lovers.

Education in America

The schooling system differs from what we are used to in the United Kingdom. Education in America on average is longer. Compulsory education in America starts with Kindergarten at ages 3 until 6 until your child is 18. There are private and state schools in America. The decision whether to send your child to a private or governmental institution depends on the financial situation of the family.

Early Childhood EducationTypically includes preschool and kindergarten focuses on fundamental skills and social skills
Elementary School (K-5)Consists of grades kindergarten through fifth, covering basic education in subjects like maths, English, science, and social studies.
Middle School (6-8)Encompasses grades six through eight, bridging the gap between elementary and high school, offering a broader curriculum.
High School (9-12)Involves grades nine through twelve, providing a comprehensive education with a variety of elective courses.
College/UniversityUndergraduate and advanced degrees in various fields.

Removals to the USA

By now, you’re ready to take on the challenge of an international removal to the USA. However, before you kick back with a well-deserved cup of tea, why not check out the pages linked below for more information about moving. In the meantime, we wish you a very successful move!


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