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Moving to Geneva

Your Guide to the Peace Capital

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Are you moving to Geneva? Surrounded by the Alps, a beautiful waterfront on Lake Geneva, and a strong economy, the Peace Capital is a very attractive option for an those who like outdoor activities and a good quality of life. Thus, the question becomes how do you move to Geneva? Well, Sirelo’s guide is here to provide you with the answer to that question. So, read on for moving costs, an amazing checklist, and even free removal quotes!

How Much does It Cost to Move to Geneva?

As with any move, one of the first concerns that you have is the cost of moving to Geneva, Switzerland, from the UK. That’s a distance of over 600 miles and also an international move to boot! So, let’s cut to the chase, the average cost for a 3-bed house removal to Geneva is approximately £3,150 – £4,200. Wait, that’s not so bad!

Well, you might not have a 3-bed house, so we crunched the numbers for different size house removals when moving to Geneva from London. Be aware that these are estimates and there are other factors that will influence international removal costs that govern your move. We delve into a few of these in a bit, so keep reading!

Household sizeCost
1-bed flat£1,950 – £2,600
2-bed house£2,350 – £3,200
3-bed house£3,150 – £4,200
4-bed house£4,050 – £5,500
5-bed house£5,150 – £6,900

Most Influential Cost Factors

We mentioned these in passing, but it’s time to touch on some of the factors that will play a big role in determining the cost of your move to Geneva from the UK

  • Choice of removal company – Orchestrating a move to the Peace Capital won’t be a walk in the park, you’ll find why in our checklist. Thus, it’ll be worth your money, and likely save you time, to hire a removal company. You can start your search with our top international removal companies.
  • Volume – The more you move the more it will cost as space in a container comes at a cost! You might want to calculate your volume, and we have a handy volume calculator for that!
  • Time of year – If you’re planning for your move to occur in the summer, then you ought to know you’ll pay a premium. It’s the busy season for the removal industry. For a cheaper rate, try any other season!
  • Additional services – Services such as packing, assembling, storage, and more are not always included in the base price. Companies will be more than happy to help, but you can expect to pay, so only avail of the service you need.

Request a Removal Quote

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Checklist for a Peaceful Move to Geneva

Moving to Geneva, like any city, requires some amount of organisation so you and your belongings arrive in one piece, and at the same time. A great place to start so that you can move to the Peace Capital and retain some semblance of inner peace is with our expert moving abroad checklist. A checklist is not only great for organisation, but also the reassurance you need when moving.

As the above guide is more a general guide, we have created a specific checklist just for moving to Geneva from the UK. It covers the most important particulars for removals to the peace capital, so be sure to pay attention!

✔️ Visa

Switzerland is part of the Single Market, thus if you hold an EU/EEA passport then you are able to move to Geneva without a visa. However, you will need to be able to financial support yourself and have health insurance. Furthermore, if you wish to work long term, you must register with the local Cantonal immigration and labour market authority. You can read more on the Swiss Government’s website here.

If you hold just a UK passport, things are a little different. While a visa is also not required, you must apply for a work permit with the cantonal immigration and labour market authority prior to taking up employment. In most cases, your prospective employer will help you with this, how nice of them.

✔️ Documents

While no one likes paperwork, it’s essential when moving abroad to prove identity and credentials. Below are the most important documents you’ll need, so keep them safe and consider making duplicates:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
  • University Degree(s) and qualification(s)
  • Police Background Check

✔️ Packing

If you’ve never moved before, then our expert packing guide might be a lifesaver to avoid any disasters! The main takeaways are to start packing early and to be organised, but you should really give it a read for the great tips contained inside.

If you recall, we mentioned that there would be a fairly large obstacle when moving to Geneva. Well, it’s time to discuss the Swiss border control. Crossing the border requires a exact list of all the items you are importing into the country, that you personally used them in the past 6 months, and you’ll continue to use them for personal use.

If this seems unbelievable, you can read about moving household effects on the Swiss government’s page for more information.

✔️Health Insurance

Any person living in Switzerland must have a health insurance policy from a Swiss health insurer with 3 months of your arrival. During the first few months while you seek a health insurance policy, it might be a good idea to have you GHIC on hand.

✔️ Tax

When moving to Geneva from the UK, you’ll need to inform HMRC so you won’t be taxed in two countries.

Of course, that means that you’ll be paying tax in Switzerland. This is usually deducted directly from your salary. You can read more about tac for foreign nationals in Switzerland here.


As a British citizen, you are required to register as a resident in Geneva with 14 days of arrival. You can do this in at the office cantonal de la population et des migrations (OCPM). For more information on the registration process you can look at the Canton of Geneva’s website.

✔️ Banking

There are few things less pleasurable than conducting your financial affairs with a bank in another country. Therefore, when you move to Geneva, you might want to consider opening an account with a local bank. To start your search, here are some of the biggest banks in Geneva:

✔️ Bringing a Pet

One heartbreak we also advocate to avoid is leaving a beloved, four-legged member of the family behind. So, if you would like to move to Geneva from the UK with your pet, heed the following requirements:

  • An official pet passport
  • Valid vaccination against rabies
  • Been microchipped

✔️ Learn French

For a small country, it might be surprising that there are four different languages spoken within the borders of Switzerland: French, German, Italian, and Romansh. Geneva happens to fall in the French speaking region of the country, so be sure to pick up a few words before you go. It’ll help in your personal life and the workplace.

Removals to Geneva

Life in the Peace Capital

There is plenty to do in Geneva, from skiing in the winter to swimming in the lakes in the summer. You can visit the St. Pierre Cathedral, which gives you an amazing view of the whole city, to take stock of the city you’ll call home. And this is only scratching the top of what will make your moving to Geneva, Switzerland, so exciting!

Cost of Living in Geneva

Living in Geneva is very different in comparison to the UK, such as the culture, language, and prices. The quality of life is high in Geneva, but this is also reflected in the high consumer prices. Grocery prices are actually 110% higher in Geneva in comparison to the UK which is quite a difference; however, the monthly salary is also 91% higher than the UK.

Below is an overview of some of the living costs associated with Geneva

Rent 3-bed city centre£3,300£3,275
Price/m2 city centre£12,300£11,000
Mid-range wine£8.00£12.00
Rice (1kg)£1.60£2.20
Local Cheese (1kg)£6.60£15.00
Basic utilities per month£190£160

Working in Geneva

Geneva is one of leading financial centres in the world and those with experience in banking, finance and international trade will find good opportunities here. The Swiss unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world and their economy continues to stay stable. Switzerland continues to attract foreign companies, due to a variety of features, from the low taxes to high salaries.

Finding a Job in Geneva

Due to Swiss immigration requirements, it’s only possible to be hired into high level positions. Usually from headhunting or transferals from other offices. Additionally, while not always necessary, it will give you an advantage over others if you are able to speak French. As for the work culture, within the city is very focused and task orientated, it is also important to bear in mind that the Swiss are known for being punctual.

The best way to look for jobs are through online websites, newspapers, company websites, and networking with other expats to make connections. Common online websites for job hunting include:

Ready to Move to Geneva?

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the article! If you’ve made it this far then you’re ready for a move to Geneva. With all the knowledge we’ve imparted, it’ll be a smooth ski down the slopes to your new home.
Before you go, you might still have an appetite for more information on moving. In that case, check out the linked articles below. It’s better to be well prepared than caught out in the cold. Otherwise, good luck and have a peaceful move!