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IAM (International Association of Movers)

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Find out what it means for an international moving company to be a part of IAM and what the benefits are moving with them. If you’re looking to book a reliable moving company, check out our top ten list of movers which includes some moving companies from IAM.

What is IAM?

The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the world’s largest international moving association. IAM has more than 2000 international moving companies in its association, operating in more than 170 countries worldwide. IAM members can be recognised if they have the below logo:

IAM (International Association of Movers)

What is the entry criteria?

To become an IAM member, you must pay a fee, have been in business for at least one year and be recommended by two other IAM movers. This ensures that companies are financially stable at the time of application and have the assurance of other moving companies of their quality.

IAM also has a guideline (code of ethics) that each member promises to undertake, covering the following areas:

  • To run the business responsibly and professionally
  • Deal with customers and companies fairly
  • To follow a policy of honesty and integrity
  • To be truthful and open to communicate
  • To comply with any (legal) agreements
  • To comply with their payments
  • To operate fair competition

Compliance with these guidelines is monitored by the IAM Ethics Council.

Why should you book an IAM moving company?

If you book a move with IAM, you know that your moving company is part of a large network of international moving companies. The members have also had to commit themselves to ethical business practices by following the regulations of IAM. The association also prevents the inclusion of dubious moving companies by requiring recommendations from at least two other members.

IAM also offers its members a variety of training, resources and networking opportunities to encourage the development of its members.

In 2005 IAM also started developing a standard that has been recognised by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). Furthermore, If there is any dispute between a mover and a consumer, IAM will not get involved themselves but will push for an agreement to be reached.

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How can I find an IAM mover?

In the IAM Mobility Exchange, you can search for companies by name or location. Furthermore, you will receive information on the contact, the range of services, the quality certifications and the relocation associations to which the selected removal company belongs.

On Sirelo, a symbol will show if a moving company is a member of IAM.

What Next?

We hope our article has helped you further understand what being a member of IAM means. Of course, you can find good moving companies that are not part of IAM in which case we recommend that you check their most recent reviews to verify their quality.