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BAR – British Association of Removers

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Learn more about BAR, one of the biggest moving associations in the UK. Find out what it means for a moving company to be a part of their association and what benefits they offer to customers.  If you are looking to book a reliable moving company, check out our top ten list of movers which includes some moving companies from BAR.

What is BAR?

Formed in 1914, the British Association of Removers is one of the biggest moving associations in the UK, composed of over 450 moving companies.  They ensure that you have a move of high quality, whether nationally or internationally. BAR members can be recognised with the below logo:

British Association of Removers

What is the entry criteria?

To become a BAR member, the removal company must prove that they meet the high standards of quality set by the association. Requirements include being in business for at least 12 months and adhering to the code of practice set by BAR:

  • High standards of service, such as
    • Minimising the possibility of damage
    • Carrying out accurate assessments
    • Taking appropriate protective measures when packing
  • Have clear, legal and truthful advertising
  • Have high standards for vehicles and warehouses
  • Meet the staff training requirements of BAR

This is the only code in the moving industry that is approved of and monitored by the Chartered Trading Standards . Each member is subject to an annual inspection by BAR to ensure the code is still being adhered to, or else they are removed from the association.

Why should you book a BAR moving company?

Not only do BAR members have to adhere to their code of service, but BAR also provides training to its members to achieve ISO standard certificates. Indeed, to recognise outstanding performance, BAR will award prizes of excellence in three categories to top performing moving companies.

BAR also works with the Furniture Ombudsman to raise industry standards and ensure that their customers have an additional layer of protection in case something goes wrong. If there is an issue with your move, BAR will involve an independent party to help resolve the dispute between the mover and the customer.

You also have the reassurance of a payback guarantee if your mover cancels 10 days before your agreed moving date, and a refund of 150% if this occurs less than 10 days before your move.

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How can I find a BAR mover?

If you specifically want to find a BAR mover, you can find a BAR mover on their website. However, we make it easy on Sirelo by showing a symbol if a moving company is a member of BAR.

What next?

Booking a move with a member of BAR should give you peace of mind, although you can of course find good moving companies that are not part of BAR. We recommend that you check their most recent reviews of any moving company you are considering to verify their quality.