Moving to New York

On this page we will discuss the important factors about moving to New York. From helpful tips to moving costs and free removal quotes, it’s all here. We want your move to New York to be as stress free as possible. Below is an overview of the information that will be discussed:

Moving to New York

Why should you move to New York?

The state of New York generally experiences a humid continental climate. This means warm to hot and often humid summers and cold to severely cold winters. Expats and people moving to New York are advised to pack for all seasons and for all extremes. Moving to New York is and has always been an attractive destination for many immigrants and expats, however, people moving to New York need to be prepared for both the fascinating aspect as well as the harsh realities of the city.

How much is it going to cost you?

Be prepared when moving to New York to spend a lot. For example grocery prices are on average 73% higher in New York in comparison to London, which is a massive shock! A lot of grocery goods are subsidised in the UK and this can be clearly seen in the comparison below between prices in London and New York:

ProductLondonNew York
Bottle of wine£8.00£12.33

Shipping costs

The cost of moving to New York will be variant depending on certain factors. The main variables being:

  • Size of household
  • Transport type
  • Insurance
  • Additional options

New York is a long journey from the UK; therefore it is advised you don’t skimp on some of the additional costs such as insurance. On average it should take around 10-15 days to ship your belongings. Below is a rough estimate of how much a moving to New York will cost with different size households:

Household sizeCost
1 bed£2,200 – £3,100
2 bed£2,900 – £4,000
3 bed£5,000 – £6,800
4 bed£5,400 – £7,400
5 bed£7,700 – £10,300

Tips when moving

New York is a very busy and hectic city. The housing is expensive and a lot more, lets say cosy, in comparison to the UK. The traffic in the centre is also havoc, so it’s probably wise to learn how to use the subway. Before moving a checklist of features you need to remember are listed below:

  • Visa – You will have to apply for a visa if you’re wanting to live in America, it can also take some months so make sure you apply in advance.
  • Health insurance – Health care in the USA is not free, so if you dont want to rack up a big bill if you become ill it is advised to get some.  Visit our page for more information about health care in the USA
  • Tax – Contact the tax authorities before your arrival for assistance with your tax situation
  • Documents – Make sure all documents are in date and important documents are duplicated.
  • Pets – If you’re bringing your pets abroad make sure they are up to date with vaccinations or could be denied entry.
  • Cancellations – Cancel any subscriptions or current utilities you may have.
  • Mail redirect – In order to receive important mail you should get your mail redirected.

Finding your new dream home

New York has 5 boroughs which include Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. People moving to New York can research the different Boroughs and decide upon being there where they would like to live. In New York it is also common to share a place with someone else.

Generally, you will need to pay one month’s rent and one month’s security deposit up front when you decide to take the property. Additionally, you will need to pay a fee to the agent or broker who helped you get the accommodation. A broker will charge around 15 percent of the yearly rent, however, you can negotiate the fee down. People moving to New York need to be aware that when you intend to rent accommodation in New York you will need to have a clean financial record. There might be credit checks before you are given a property to rent.

Renting in New York

People moving to New York need to consider the following points when renting a property in New York.

  • Join expat communities online and expat groups on Facebook to find people who already live in New York and who may help you get accommodation in New York. However, please be aware of scammers.
  • Have cash ready ,for example, in the form of bank-certified check so you can pay the needed money when you decide to take a property.
  • If you have a pet, please find out before you sign the lease, whether your pet will be allowed in the building that you intend to rent. Buildings in New York either prohibit pets outright or may have limits on the weight and breed of dogs permitted for example.
  • If you are moving large items into a city apartment, make sure to find out whether the building has a freight elevator. It is possible that there may be no elevator at all.
  • Google the place you want rent and see if it is where the agent or broker says it is. Check it out on google maps. If possible go there and check out the neighbourhood. Check this Addressreport website to find more information about the address you intend to rent.

Moving to New York

How to find a job in New York?

New York is an expensive city and the cost of living is high. In the first few weeks you will most likely spend like a tourist and need to pay a lot to settle in. However, after a while you will get a hang of things and start spending like a New Yorker. Finding work in New York is therefore is a top priority for people there. Although the job market is highly competitive, there are still job opportunities available for highly skilled individuals and people who are willing to be flexible in their job search.

People moving to New York with a master’s degree, prior work experience as well as fluency in languages such as German and Mandarin have an advantage at finding a job in New York.

Expats moving to New York city who aren’t being transferred by their company or who do not already have work prospects can start their search for a job online on websites such as the nytimes and on monster.

It is also advised to register with an employment agency to help make job finding easier. Another tip for people moving to New York, is to hire a headhunter. Although, a headhunter could cost 20 to 30 % of your first year salary, it could be worth the effort since they are often specialised in their field and have a good network of connections.

Transportation in New York

Travelling by subway is by far the most popular approach in New York. Subway is the fastest way to get from a to b and is generally a convenient way to travel without having to queue in the busy traffic. New York’s subway network is extensive and covers over 400 stations across the five boroughs. Services run every few minutes, so passengers do not need to spend time studying the schedule in detail. Apps are also common and make travelling a lot easier. It is advised to purchase a metro card, this allows discounts on your travels. They can be from as little as $5-50 and you can buy them from:

  • Metro-card vending machines
  • Metro-card bus and vans
  • Neighbourhood merchants
  • Subway station booths
  • Your employer

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