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Expat Blog – Moving for a New Job in New York

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Read everything about Charlie’s smooth overseas relocation from the UK to US for a new job. In this blog, the expat shared tips and recommendations on how to choose the best moving compamy, and how to prepare for the removal!

Expat Interview – Moving from the UK to US to Start a New Job in The Big Apple

To begin, we would like to inquire about the origin and destination of your move, as well as the reason behind your decision to leave. Can you also tell us about your experience with the move?

Moving for a new job that I accquired in New York. The employee of the moving company was highly attentive and provided me with information on what could and could not be sent with the carrier. They also assisted and assured me during the move. All in all, very good experience using this carrier, they were happy to create my custody documentation which other transporters wanted to charge me extra for. I’m glad I came across Insta Delivery Solutions and I would really use them again if I had to move back to the UK in the future.

We understand that selecting a reliable moving company can be a difficult task. Could you share with us the process you went through to find the ideal one out of the numerous options available?

I found this particular mover on Google before coming on to your site, they have very good reviews on Google, so I was more than happy to proceed with them. I also compared to other websites, I got quotes – a lot of them with high transposition charges and this also affected the company I would choose to complete my transport needs. All in all, I am happy with this choice and I read Google reviews for all the couriers I was considering before moving forward. I think this company was my best choice by far, considering the price and willingness to assist me with the shipment.

Now let’s move on to the exciting part! Can you walk us through your moving day? Did everything happen according to your plan?

Everything went well with this courier. They informed me prior as to when the courier would arrive and between what times. They also provided me with a detailed description of how to package my items securely for the transport of the goods, and how to securely attach the labels to ensure they do not fall off the packages whilst they are in transit. They let me know how to fully track my items from collection to delivery. I had the option to add SMS updates and alerts for tracking and custom status updates. Collected and delivered in 72 hours was just amazing.

Can you suggest tips that could be beneficial for others to have a less chaotic moving day?

The main advice: pay close attention to what the courier says in regards to providing the accurate contents and descriptions for the items within and also ensure that you package the items correctly for transport. If I did do either of these wrongs. They clearly informed me on what could go wrong such as boxes splitting in transit if not well packed or taped, fragile items like ceramics getting crushed if not well protected and also undeclaring items could result in customs causing issues and delays which they say is avoidable by confirming all contents in the initial booking stage. All in all, I had a great experience with Insta Delivery Solutions.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

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