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Last updated: April 9, 2020

On this page you can find information about moving to Rome or get 5 quotes. You can broaden your knowledge on subjects such as different prices for moving companies, useful tips, information about different cities and buying a house in addition to other things. 

In order to help with your relocation, Sirelo has got all of the key information for you on this page:

Moving to Rome

How much will a move to Italy cost

As you’d expect moving abroad is always a costly process. The costs of moving are important to factor in to any move. Below you can find a comparison of the estimates costs from London to Rome. The most cost effective way to move any household is by road, especially when you consider the fact that the sea cost estimate only covers the port to port cost – all roads, really do lead to Rome.

1 bed flat3 bed house5 bed house
Road£2,100 – £2,900£3,500 – £4,700£5,700 – £7,800
Sea£2,200 – £3,100£4,900 – £6,600£7,500 – £10,200
Air£4,100 – £5,500n/an/a

It takes an estimated 6-8 weeks to ship items to Rome. In addition to being cheaper a quicker option is to move your belongings by road as this takes an estimated 9-13 days.

Please remember that these prices are estimates and that shipping items depends on a variety of factors.

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Tips and tricks

With a move to Rome there a loads of questions and unknown aspects you are likely to have. Sirelo has put together a lis handy hints so you’re prepared for when you move.

  • Flats on the bottom floor are generally the cheapest, however this is due to the high noise levels in the busy Italian streets. Flats on higher levels are quieter however as Rome is a historic city many buildings don’t have lifts.
  • The public transport system isn’t the most reliable. Getting around in a car may seem like a much better alternative but traffic jams are terrible and there are many parts of the city where cars can’t go. Bikes and scooters are popular options however Italian roads are infamously dangerous.
  • Pickpockets – For the most part the touristic and central areas in Rome are safe. However where there are tourists there a pickpockets so make sure that you keep all of your belongings safe at all times.

Checklist: Things to bear in mind when moving to Rome

Make sure you’re well prepared for you move abroad. The following things are essential:

  • Make sure your academic qualifications are in order and make sure they are recognized in Italy.
  • Expats or people moving to Italy from the UK should register for a residency known as the iscrizione anagrafica if they intend to stay more than 3 months in Italy. Check our moving to Italy page to read more about registering in Italy.
  • Make sure you have a good health insurance policy. For more information take a look at our healthcare in Italy page.

Finding a home in the neighbourhood that suits you

When it comes to finding the right neighbourhood to live in the Eternal City there are a lot of things to consider. A great place to start is by searching for a place online. A popular website for expats and locals alike is Immobiliare.

Price and lifestyle are two key elements for choosing any home. So which is the best place for you?


Trastevere – A picturesque Roman neighbourhood in the historic city centre. There is a vibrance to this area offering a variety of restaurants and bars. The area is home to many students and isn’t too pricey.

Prati – A short walk from the centre but a slightly quieter area due to there being less nightlife and restaurants. Even though Prati is quieter it is still a busy area due to it being the city’s main shopping district. The area is popular with tourists, therefore this means that it is expensive.

Testaccio – The cheapest area of the three so far. As it is slightly further out of the centre the city there are less tourists. Unfortunately one of the reasons why this area is so cheap is that there isn’t a metro station close by meaning that transport links aren’t great. On the other side of the coin, this region of Rome is known as the nightclub district, so there is great access to parties.

Moving to Rome


Aventino – The only quiet area within the historic centre. This area boasts great views across the city. There are a lot of international schools with a high quality of education. All of this luxury comes as a cost, be warned that Aventino is one of the most expensive areas to live in Rome.

Monteverde – Situated outside of the centre, there are plenty of parks and open spaces for children to play. Additionally the transport links to the centre of Rome are very good from here.

Balduina: If a large flat is your priority then Balduina offers a great option. Flats in this area are modern and spacious but the trade off is that this is further out of the city and there are fewer transport links.

Most Authentic Roman Experience

Historic centre: For the most authentic experience where better than the historic centre? The true Rome, with great architecture offers an abundance of history, art and culture. The downside of this is that tourists are also attracted to this area for the same reason. Additionally, driving around this area of the city is almost impossible.


One of the biggest differences between Rome and the UK is the religion. Rome is a deeply catholic city and this must be respected. Church bells and processions are commonplace in the city. Furthermore the culture has been heavily influenced b

Personal contacts in Italy are very important. In the UK there is the tendency to google something and use whatever product or service is convenient. In Italy personal relationships are much more important. This goes for all walks of life, from going to shops where you know the owner or hiring people because you know them.

The Italian Job: Finding work in Rome

It is always strongly recommended that expats moving to a new country find a few good prospects of work or to ideally find a job before actually relocating to that country. It is also recommended to find a job before moving to Rome if possible however, due to that fact that Italians highly value social bonds and contacts it may not or should not come as a surprise that in Rome your employers may seek to interview you face to face rather than via a telephone. It is important that you are both charismatic and show enthusiasm during interviews.

It is even possible that your formal education or Italian language proficiency will be overlooked in the decision to employ you if are able to establish a kind of friendship in the interview or if they find your reasons to work in room interesting and admirable.

When applying for a job, it is better to talk to the person who will be handling your request either in better or via the phone and to leave a good impression with that person.

In spite of this it is becoming more and more popular to find jobs available online. Useful job sites for English speakers are The Local and Job in Rome.

Moving to Roma -Bridge


Rome is a big city, therefore public transport is a necessity. There are three main types of transport to get around in Rome:

  • Metro – there a three metro lines running across the city.
  • Tram – there is a network of trams accessing the busier areas of the city.
  • Buses – run all over the city accessing neighbourhoods that aren’t as accessible for trains and trams.
  • Trains – for journeys further afield.

The cost of an individual public transport ticket is €1.50 and is valid for 100 minutes of travel which allows you to switch to bus or tram lines if there is no direct service.

The price of a monthly public transport ticket is €35.

It is important to bear in mind that the system isn’t anywhere near as efficient as other large cities in Europe. Metros tend to be old and and buses are unreliable. For this reason many Italians opt to drive around the city – however this creates many problems with traffic congestion.

For information on how to get tickets at a discount click here!

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