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Crown Relocations London have over 50 years of experience. They have learned that the more you know and the better prepared you are, the more likely it is that you will make your relocation a success.

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29% of the users recommend this removal company
 on Sirelo
This company is reliable and efficient. Everything packaged well and staff very helpful. We were told in advance that on occasion additional charges may occur and why. Our shipment has just arrived and I have no complaints. I would highly recommend this company.
Moved from Doha (Qatar) to Scotland (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Shocking service, came unprepared for packing & then realised their truck wasn't big enough so had to come back 2 weeks later. The guys who did the packing told us 'they didn't have enough materials' to do the job!!!

Computer damaged in transit, NO FRAGILE sticker on the box, sent emails & called but no reply until I finally spoke to a manager in UK.

If they handled it better from the start I wouldn't be complaining.

Terrible customer service
No interest in the customer
Moved from Jomtien (Thailand) to Pembrokeshire (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Never use this company! Because of Crown Relocations our move resulted in enormous stress, lost money, damaged furniture and possessions.
First of all all of our furniture was badly damaged and broken. There was minimum protection on very fragile and expensive pieces. No « FRAGILE » or any other sort of indication on the boxes with breakable stuff.
Another thing - instead of sending additional crew members and pack everything (except for beds) in 1 day, they sent 1(!) man the first day and were packing full 3 days knowing the volume in advance.
The proposal of services they sent and we signed indicated that the transit time would be 5-7 days (tbc). Instead we waited for more than a month.
There were hidden costs they don’t talk and write anywhere about. We had to pay additionally nearly £2000 and we’ve been told about this after all our belongings were taken and after we left the country. They said they wouldn’t deliver if we wouldn’t paid.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Tbilisi (Georgia)
 on Sirelo
They delivered on time and nothing was damaged. However, the customer service was not very good, so they should improve.
Moved from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to London (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
If you want a smooth and stress free relocation stay away from Crown!
My wife and I contacted Crown in July 2017 to request a quote for relocation services and invited them to come to our apartment to evaluate the volume of our belongings. We were informed that a walk-through survey was not necessary and that Crown carries out these surveys via webcam so we organised such survey carried out by one of Crown's 'experts' that estimated a volume of 481 cbft.
We then received a service proposal from Crown for 1,749.60 GBP including VAT that had a provisional date of 16/10/17.
In September we finalised the date for removal for 01/11/17 with delivery in Ireland on 03/11/17 that was confirmed by Crown in an email, giving them two more weeks to organise the removal. All seemed in order and ready to proceed, however on 23/10/17, only 1 week before the removal, Crown inquired if it worked for us to have our items packed 1 week after the agreed. We pointed out that we had booked and confirmed dates in advance, we had even followed Crown's instructions as to book our flights and we had to vacate the apartment by 02/11. Crown then confirmed that 'their partners had agreed to make some adjustments to keep our packing date for 01/11' as this was a favour and not complying to a signed agreement.
Convinced that all was settled and ready to proceed I made payment for the amount agreed on 25/10; on 27/10, only 3 working days before the removal, Crown advised that they needed a smaller vehicle as the street at destination address was too small and there would be an additional charge of 250 GBP due to the fact that we had given the delivery address at a later stage. On the actual day of removal, I was informed that the smaller vehicle was in fact needed for the collection address that Crown had known since day one. On that same day a series of mistakes and miscalculations due to the lack of organization and attention from the movers happened as to make this experience, that had already started with some issue, a true nightmare.
Firstly, it turned out that the vehicle was too small for the volume of our belongings and that a second vehicle would be sent. Communications and information were fragmentary and confusing as I was advised that the second collection would happen on the following Friday; when I advised that I was to give back the key of the apartment the following day, was changed to the next day, it was then changed for that same evening, and was later changed again for the following day. I was led to believe that anyway our belongings would be all delivered on 03/11 as per agreement but this also was untrue as instead the delivery date for the second collection was to be decided at a later date, leaving us with no certainty if and when we would actually see the rest of our belongings adding yet more stress and frustration to a situation that was becoming more and more chaotic by the hour. During the packing, the movers demonstrated a lack of attention and care that resulted in further issues, additional expenses, missing items and damages to our belongings. In spite of being advised that towels and bed linen had all been packed I noticed, upon checking, that most of them were still in the hot press. They were then randomly thrown on top of other items including hardware tools. On the other hand, having made a pot of coffee that morning, I was not given the time to wash it and was actually packed with the coffee still inside! One of the dining chair has been scratched on the top of as it was dragged on concrete, the bed has been scratched as well proving that items were handled poorly and were not protected in any way. Several items, that had added sentimental value being wedding presents, have arrived broken or damaged. Clothing, folded and stored in wardrobes, was thrown randomly in boxes with no attention or care whatsoever. Silk shirts were thrown into a box under bags with buckles. A yellow velvet cover of the futon, that I had removed to avoid stains and damages, was transported without even so much as the protection of a plastic bag and presented dark stains. In spite of having organised 2 deliveries they had to come a third time as some of our furniture was forgotten and was delivered with further 20 days delay.The inventory provided was impossible to reconcile. Our bicycles, that luckily were delivered, were not on the inventory however there were boxes on the inventory that we did not find while unpacking.
The original survey carried by 'professionals' vastly underestimated the total of our belongings by almost 46%. The original price of £1749 escalated to £2699 for an additional 55% from their original quote. Due to their disorganised and unprofessional nature dealing, decisions had to be made on the spot or without consultation,meaning that there was no time or scope to explore less expensive options or ways of mitigating additional costs.
This was not the first time we moved but was by far the worst!
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Moved from Kingston Upon Thames (United Kingdom) to Limerick (Ireland)
 on Sirelo
Pretty bad all round.
They were the most expensive quote but they committed to a timeline and speed of service was v important to us, so we trusted them.

They contacted us 2.5 weeks after collecting our possession to say that there was paperwork missing and they couldn’t ship them. I asked why they had waited 2.5 weeks before telling us ... no answer. The whole shipment was ultimately delayed by over a month ( still hasn’t arrived).

I made a complaint - no satisfactory solution offered and multiple days/ weeks twin for them to respond to me on almost every occasion.

When they did respond, it was with a saddening lack of accountability or desire to put things right.

Could not be less impressed.
Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Sydney (Australia)

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