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Gerson Relocation is the leading provider of global mobility and international removals. They also provide domestic moving and relocation services.

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Main points: Very late delivery (6.5 weeks instead of the 1.5 they promised). Poor communication. Different contractors handle packing/unpacking which may lead to mixed experiences. In my case packing & loading was handled with care but unloading was extremely rushed. Minor cosmetic damage to several items.

I paid extra for the full-service package. On packing day, the mover arrived late. (He had called into the company to inform them he was running late, they did not forward this to me.) He was alone so I had to assist with getting some of the bigger items down the stairs. He had not been informed the move included a mattress, even though I had sent them an itemized list, so he did not bring the proper protective materials. He fabricated some half-cover out of bubble wrap and said they’d replace that with the real thing at the depot (they did not, and the mattress showed up visibly grimy). To his credit, everything that went into boxes was packed carefully & securely and arrived without damage. But the wood panelling of my closet & desk have small scratches all over and a couple of noticeable dents.

I relocated from the Netherlands to the UK. They told me they’d deliver “No later than 16 November”, which would be about a week and a half after pickup, but my belongings did not arrive until 22 December (~5 weeks late, so that’s ~6.5 weeks total instead of ~1.5 weeks). In this period it was hard to get a clear picture of why it was taking so long. I understand customs can be an unpredictable factor, but then they should not have provided the 16 November deadline and given a more realistic window.

Arrival was eventually arranged for the afternoon of December 22nd. It wasn’t until 5 pm that I received any sign of life, in the form of a call that they arrived.
First, they had messed up the address: They missed out on the building part of the address, meaning they were ringing the doorbell of a house down the other end of the street.
Second, I had informed Gerson that my doorbell wasn’t functional and that they should knock or call me instead, this message was obviously not relayed to the drivers or they would not have been ringing (the wrong) doorbell.
Unloading was extremely rushed, they were basically running. Bumping into doorframes and walls. Setting down boxes of electronics (TV in original box, so it has a massive picture of a TV on both sides, same with desktop PC) or those labelled fragile very rough.
Finally, I had asked Gerson for help assembling my cabinet and agreed to pay €50 for that service. The movers were not aware of that and had not scheduled time for it, so they weren’t able to help (They did not charge me the €50 in the end, so it’s not a rip-off, but just one more thing they messed up).
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The packing was done with care (but this depends on which contractor you get))
Relatively cheap
Very very late delivery. Poor communication.
Unloading went very rough. Several items with cosmetic damage.
Moved from Wassenaar (Netherlands) to Royal Leamington Spa (United Kingdom)

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