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International removals advice from Pearson Home Moving

Pearson Home Moving is one of the biggest removal companies in the UK when it comes to national and international moves. They have been in the moving business for over a 100 years and their market knowledge and experience is second to none. The tips they have to offer have proved invaluable to countless moves in the past so they have some of the best international removals advice around.

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Sirelo spoke with Grant Hodgkins, the Senior Project Manager at Pearson, to get some insight into the questions that you want answered to make you even more well prepared for your move.

Moving tips

Is there anything that people can do in advance to make their move easier?

  • If you’re not moving EU to EU, make sure you’re allowed to move! That’s a big one,
  • Check beforehand the documentation one would need and if you’re not sure on anything speak to or visit the destination embassy in your origin country. They’ll always have the most up to date info.
  • Make sure you’ve got an up to date passport.
  • Speak to your neighbours as they may be more aware of council issues, parking permits etc. They will likely have done moves themselves so can point out a few things you may not have considered. Speak to the local council if you think there will be an issue.
  • Always be as detailed as possible with what you want and try not to change your mind, especially after you’ve had a survey. Chopping and changing can cause added stress and confusion. Sticking to one plan will also help you haggle with Moving Companies; anyone could reduce their price by reducing their service level, but is this what you want?
  • Get a survey, several companies can offer a video survey for you to help save time.
  • Make sure you’re financially prepared as the cheapest quote is usually not the most adequate. It’s always best to put some money to one side whilst moving to cover any additional problems that may arise, or to cover living expenses should there be a shipping delay etc.
  • Consider what items you want insuring. Many moving companies won’t state it, but they will only cover you for up to a certain amount per item, so make sure the company you go with can offer a full policy and not just total loss cover or liability.
  • Always remember, and this is something that most people lose sight of, your comfort is often worth paying more for. Moving home can be incredibly stressful, yet people are so price savvy these days that there’s an attitude to save money at all costs, even if that is at the cost of your wellbeing. Don’t sacrifice standard!
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Are there any items that people should arrange other transport for or specialist packing?

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Always specify anything unusual or very valuable so that the company can factor this in to the costs and prepare accordingly. Usually anything that will require more than two men to lift, or anything worth more than £1000 that may require specialist packaging or even crating. Most companies including Pearson can easily prepare for this, drafting in specialists when required, but they need to know beforehand.

What does the mover provide and not provide?

As long as told in advance, most removal companies can provide almost anything, but should you want it at short notice always be prepared to pay a premium if it can be arranged at all. That’s the importance of being as transparent as possible beforehand.

Any dos and don’ts?


  • Choose a mover with international accreditations. Anyone can rent a van and turn up to do a removal these days.
  • Prepare yourself for the technical jargon and industry terms.
  • Make sure you have the correct health insurance (European Health Insurance Cards can only get you so far).
  • Prepare your family for a move abroad.

For a checklist on how to prepare for a move click here.


  • Pack any valuable such as any jewelry, cosmetics, documents – travel with them yourself. Last thing you want to do is accidentally pack your passport, so pack some personal bags before your move and keep them safe in the car or something.
  • Hire a mover without looking at reviews first. Some movers charge a low price for a reason, so make sure you trust the people who you’ll send your belongings with. Always factor in the volume of reviews when doing so (a 5 star average isn’t amazing if there’s only 1 review).
  • Use a company that aren’t insured or accredited. If accidents happen you need to make sure that the company will be willing to take responsibility when necessary.