Moving Abroad Checklist: How to prepare for your International Move

On this page, you can find a checklist to help you eliminate the stress and difficulty that comes with moving abroad. 

Moving abroad can be a difficult experience if you don’t know what you’re doing, and moving internationally adds another level of pressure. That is why Sirelo is here to help!

2 Months before

  • Terminate your rental contract: Notify your landlord about the move if you are living in rented accommodation.
  • Arrange school transfer: If necessary, start to have a look at new school’s in your new country.
  • Visa: Some countries have different requirements when trying to obtain a visa. So before you do anything else, make sure you can get one. Also, have a look at the expiry date of the documents that you need to have when moving abroad.
  • International removal costs: Gain a greater understanding of how much it will cost to move abroad. It can be useful to see the price of extra services that you may use, for example, moving valuable items like a piano or some art. If you are moving all of your personal belongings, you will most likely use a container to transport them to your new home.

Moving abroad tips

6 weeks before

  • Measure the volume: If you are moving furniture abroad, it can help to envisage what fits where, as you don’t want to take things you won’t need, plus it can save you some cash. Removal companies calculate their rates of quantity so the less you move the cheaper your move will be.
  • Get a free removals quote: One of our most important tip in this checklist is to compare moving quotes. Fill out our free form to receive up to 5 quotes and save 40% on your international move.
  • Research the removal companies: Before deciding what removal company to use, have a look at the top 10 best international moving companies in the UK. You can also see what reviews they’ve received in the past, which can be a handy tool to make sure your personal belongings are transferred safely.
  • How to choose the right mover: You don’t want the wrong mover when shipping your furniture abroad, so make sure you know which aspects you need to take into account when choosing the right international removal company.

1 month before

  • Change address/Cancel subscriptions: As you will be moving abroad, you will probably be cancelling most of your subscriptions. Therefore you need to let the following know: utility providers, bank, TV subscription, employer etc.
  • Get materials for packing: e.g. boxes, bubble wrap etc. Your removal company may be able to provide these for you, however if you wish to pack yourself, you can find some materials here.
  • Start packing: Begin to pack any items that you can live without for the month. Packing up the furniture or rooms that you use less frequently can also make your life a little easier in the long run. Have a look at some helpful tips to save time and space when packing.

Moving abroad checklist

2 weeks before

  • Double check everything with the moving company: Its best to check, just incase.
  • Consume or throw out any perishable food: You probably won’t take all your food with you, so try and eat it up of donate to a food bank.
  • Make sure you have enough medication for a few weeks: Or at least until you are able to arrange healthcare in a new country. However, be careful with what medicine you are taking, for example if you are moving to Dubai or relocating to Australia, they have a strict regulations on what you’re allowed to take into the country.

1 week before

  • Start to pack the suitcases: Make sure you can live out of for them for the first week or two.
  • Pack valuables: Get a box together with valuables and important documents – jewellery, house deeds, wills, insurance documents etc.
  • Create a survival kit: Create a checklist of the things you need for your first couple of days in your new house. This can range from bedding to phone chargers and snacks.

A fews day before

  • Defrost the fridge/freezer: It’s best if they don’t leak in the removals van.
  • Tell your neighbours, friends and relatives when you’re moving: You never know when you might need an extra pair of hands.
  • Double check the details of the move: Reconfirm the arrival time of the vans as well as other vital information regarding the move.

Moving abroad

Moving day

  • Verify: Confirm that the vans are from the correct moving company.
  • Ensure that someone stays behind to check the packing inventory list: You will need to sign that everything is okay so make sure that you are happy with things.
  • Give copies of your contact details to the movers: Share information with the movers. Therefore, if there is a problem, you can contact them directly.