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Shipping a Container from the UK to USA

Cost of Shipping Furniture and Companies

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Moving to the Land of the Free and planning on shipping your furniture to America? Look no further, Sirelo will guide you through the process! We’ll include costs, customs information, and even free removal quotes to help you find a removal company to help with shipping your personal effects from the UK to the USA, making your move a breeze!

Costs of Shipping a Container from UK to USA

Depending on the volume of your move, you will either be shipping from the UK to the USA in a 20ft container or a 40ft container. Yes, there are different sizes of shipping containers!

To answer the question of how much to ship a container from the UK to the USA, it can cost between £4,660 £5,750 for a 20ft container, while a 40ft container can cost between £5,905 £8,545, and that’s only for port-to-port! For a breakdown of the cost of shipping a container UK to different US cities, just look below:

Destination20-foot container40-foot container
Chicago£4,800 – £5,100£7,600 – £8,000
Houston£4,900 – £5,200£7,300 – £7,600
Los Angeles£5,200- £5,500£8,100 – £8,500
Miami£3,800 – £3,900£5,900 – £6,200
New York£4,500 – £4,800£6,600 – £6,800
San Francisco£5,550 – £5,775£8,200 – £8,500

Disclaimer: The above prices are subject to change as container shipping costs fluctuate due to supply and demand. Thus, the actual price for port-to-port container shipping from the UK to the USA may be higher.

Shipping costs from to
20ft Container
40ft Container

Cheapest Shipping Container from USA to UK

If you want to find the best bang for your buck or you just pinch some pennies on your moving from the UK to the USA shipping cost, then request free removal quotes! Just click below and receive up to 5 removal company quotes that you can then compare for service, quality, and costs. It’s the best way to find the right service for you and can save you money.

Comparison Quotes for Container Shipping to the USA
Click below and receive quotes from removal companies for the cost of shipping your furniture from the UK to the USA!

Container Shipping Companies in the USA

When searching for international shipping companies, ensure that they offer the services you need, such as door-to-door shipping or packing assistance. Researching not only will save you money but also unexpected situations!

We’ve put together a helpful list of the best container shipping companies in the US to make things easier for you.

Shipping Furniture from the UK to the USA

If you’re planning on shipping your personal belongings, it’s important to know the costs and proper procedure beforehand.

Sea freight is the cheapest way to ship household goods and furniture, but planning is essential for a successful delivery. You could also do air freight, but it will cost you some more pennies.

How much does it cost to ship furniture from the UK to the USA?

We’ve collected average prices based on the amount of items you want to move. Take a look:

Bedroom SizeFurniture itemsAverage Price
SmallBed, nightstand, dresser, desk, chair£1,000 – £1,500
MediumBed, nightstand, dresser, desk, chair, wardrobe, bookcase£2,000 – £3,000
LargeBed, nightstand, dresser, desk, chair, wardrobe, bookcase, sofa, coffee table£3,000 – £4,500

They are estimates and may change on several factors.

You can use Sirelo’s removal volume calculator to have a better estimate of the volume and weight of your furniture and household goods.

💡Tips for shipping your items smoothly

If you want to avoid encountering issues when shipping furniture from the UK to the USA, there are three tasks that you need to do:

  1. Create an inventory of the items you’re shipping to the USA. Your removal company will likely ask for one or help with making a declaration form to clear customs in the States.
  2. Do not try to import prohibited or restricted items.
  3. Be sure to ask your removal company questions and keep an open line of communication. They may need further information on the items you’re shipping to complete the import declarations and forms.

Shipping A Car from the UK to the USA

If your move involves international car shipping to the USA, just know that it’s very different from shipping furniture. While both involve shipping a container, the requirements for shipping a car can be somewhat tricky compared to furniture!


Let’s start with what can make the import of your car to the USA difficult, meeting US federal standards for cars. There are also emission standards that vary by state. It can be a headache trying to understand if your car is compliant, thus be sure to get help from a professional removal company that deals in shipping cars from the UK to the USA. It’ll make the process a lot simpler.

25 Year Exception

However, there is one exception to the standards debacle. If your car is older than 25 years, it’ll be viewed somewhat like an antique and you can bypass all those stringent standards!

Cost of Shipping a Car to the USA

The cost of shipping a car to the USA ranges between £700-£1,500, depending on the destination and the size of the vehicle, a 4×4 takes a lot of space. This cost normally covers the shipping and cleaning of the car. However, you’ll need to add 2.5% of the value of the car to the price as cars are not duty-free, unfortunately.

Ready to Ship a Container from the UK to the USA?

Phew, that was a bit of a lengthy read! However, with all the knowledge that you’ve taken on, you should be ready. If you’re looking for even more information you can read below some frequently asked questions. You’ll also find everything you need to know to have the best removal to the USA if you explore our website.

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