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Advice from a girl from Valencia in Spain

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Considering a move to Valencia? Here it from someone who already knows why Valencia is a great place to live. Offering delicious food, great beaches, amazing nightlife, good weather and the cheerful people, a move to Valencia is a no-brainer!

Why should Valencia be a destination for travellers and expats alike?

If asked about cities in Spain to visit, there is no doubt that the first cities that will pop up in your mind are the most popular cities in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid. However, Spain has so much more to offer. Although Valencia is not as popular as Madrid and Barcelona, in recent years more people and more people are making Valencia their destination of travel. Why should you choose Valencia to be your travel destination? Well simply because of the delicious food, great beaches, amazing nightlife, good weather and the cheerful people.

The beautiful thing about Valencia is that it is in close proximity to the beach. It is so easy to get transport to the beach and within a few minutes, you are there. With many great bars along the beach, you are sure to enjoy every minute of it. For people who fancy dancing and going out. I would recommend discotheques like Akurela and La 3.

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What are some great attractions and festivals in Valencia?

Valencia hosts many great architectures and a great place to visit in Valencia is of course; La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or the City of Arts and Sciences in English. The city of Arts and sciences is an architectural complex dedicated to culture and science. There are different things you can do there, for example, You can choose to visit the largest Oceanogràfica (aquarium) in Europe, go to the museum or go to the Cinema. If you love nature or want a place to go cycling or running, the Turia Gardens are the best place to go.

Las fallas valencia

As for festivals, Las Fallas is one you shouldn’t miss, especially, the bonfires. The festival is in march and it is held in commemoration of Saint Joseph and to welcome in the spring. Each year, colourful monuments are made and burned in a pile afterwards. It may sound a bit crazy, but it is very enjoyable. There is music, dance and parties. It is a great way to meet new people and enjoy Spanish culture.

How are the people in Valencia?

Most people are open, but unfortunately, most people do not speak English. They are really cheerful, they love dancing and are quite cute actually. People in Valencia, especially, the youngsters are pretty touchy and close. However, it does not mean anything, it is very normal for opposite sexes to kiss on the cheeks and hug.

I have travelled and lived in different parts of Europe and I find that many times my intentions are misunderstood because of my “Spanish ways”. Men sometimes think I am flirting with them when I am just being myself. This is because I am a bit more touchy than they’re used to. This is something you may have to get used to as a foreigner in Valencia.

People in Spain

How is a typical work day in Valencia like?

Work days in Valencia are typically Spanish, I guess. People start to work in the morning and have a two-hour break in the afternoon. They go back to work and their work day ends around eight in the evening. If you are someone to go out after working hours. You may be disappointed since most of your colleagues will not. However, during the weekend that is another story. For students its a bit different of course. Partying generally starts on Wednesdays evening till the weekend for students.

Last words?

Go to Valencia you will enjoy it, I mean, why wouldn’t you with all that it has to offer.