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Expat Blog - Moving Back to Australia

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The prospect of moving to another location comes with a lot of excitement and anticipation, but it also brings a ton of preparation, organization, and anxiety. In this blog, you can read Georgia’s removal experience from the UK to Australia with a moving companies. The expat shares her insights on how to choose the right mover and how to prepare for a smooth relocation.

Expat Blog – Moving Back Home to Australia After 9 Years in the UK

Can you please provide us with information regarding the starting and ending point of your relocation? Additionally, we would appreciate knowing the primary reason behind your move and how you perceived the whole experience.


After 9 years in London, we are moving back to Australia for my partner’s work. It’s been quite nerve-wracking so it’s been nice to have a smooth removals experience. We decided that we would narrow down all the items that we would send as it’s a long journey and we can get a lot over there. We packed up the things that are the most important to us, so it was key that we found a removal partner who would help us pack up and look after our belongings on the journey. It was quite tough with so many options to find someone and understand the different services.

Choosing a good moving company is a challenging task. How did you manage to find the perfect one among the thousands of existing ones?

I got some comparisons because the pricing I was getting was extremely variable. I had some people quoting double the supplier I went with. Doree Bonner offered a reasonable price and explained clearly that the service included things like coming up to our flat, packing and taking everything down, as well as delivering to the front door on the other end. they also arranged an assessment on the phone and were able to confirm the price they gave was accurate. They were responsive on email but not pushy.

Can you describe how your moving day went? Did everything happen according to your plan?

I was pleased that we received such a good service with the movers coming to our house, packing everything and bringing all materials. The movers were really friendly and clearly explained what would happen next and ensured we had filled out all the relevant paperwork. On the day the movers were very professional and packed up all our things, and bought them down to the truck so we didn’t have to worry about the stress of packing or constructing boxes which saved us stress. The whole process was only About 1.5 hours.

What advice would you like to offer based on your experience, to assist others during their own moving process?

I would encourage people to decide on exactly how many items they will be shipping and understand that anything replaceable probably shouldn’t be shipped! It’s definitely got more expensive to ship things via sea. Also, invest in a removals service that comes and packs up your belongings for you and takes them away. It gives you peace of mind everything is secure and isn’t going to fall apart in transit. It’s also a lot less physically exerting to do it that way and all covered by insurance.

Disclaimer: the views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

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