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Moving to London for Work

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Check out how a Sirelo customer smoothly moved from Paris to London with T2M déménagement. Gain helpful tips on organizing a seamless groupage move by selecting the best international moving company.

I moved for work. It was easy and stress-free as T2M were very transparent on all the steps of the process. I had many questions on the timing, the paperwork required. The operations team were very reactive on answering on all of the questions. I had to move for work and had a very short time span to move in order to start. I needed a professional company that would allow me to travel stress-free and focus on other aspects of the move, which was the case with T2M. The correspondants were very professional.

I had a tender to see the cheapest option as my employer gave a maximum budget that they would cover. T2M is the only company offering a economic option with a grouping order. Although it was grouped, it went perfectly well and I had no issue with the objects. I read the reviews and saw their website, it is a company with a strong track record and have very positive reviews. They have been the only one offering a wide range of services all the way from grouping all the way to packing the objects, uninstalling furniture for you.People standing in front of boxes in a room, during a move or storage.

They were slightly late but once they arrived, the team was very efficient. I lived on the 5th floor of an old Parisian building but the team was aware and came with 3 movers who relayed the boxes and from the arrival to the departure, they took less than 30 minutes and showed true profesionnalism in picking up objects. They gave me no worry on getting anything damaged. They asked many questions to make sure that the fragile objects are tended to. They were professional and polite, only thing was that the team came 2 hours later than what was initially agreed.

  • I would annotate all the boxes and keep a detailed spreadsheet on all the objects you are packing if you are leaving the EU as customs may be a pain.
  • Make sure that you look for a company far before the moving date and also pack enough clothes to last a week with you if you are moving with the economic option as the delivery date is not guaranteed, it could be anywhere between the start and the end of the month.
  • Be polite with the team as they are taking care of your belongings, they are doing their job and can be tired.