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Moving abroad requires timely planning and a good choice of moving company. Immerse yourself in this expat’s moving experience and discover how you avoid stress when moving and ensure a successful removal.

What were your reasons for moving? What was the experience like?

My moving experience was great! I had to move some belongings like furniture and household items for my family. It was pretty easy to do the inventory of the items and the collection was on time. I had many questions and the customer service always made sure that we had support at all times.

I can therefore definitely recommend this mover. Neither did I have any troubles during my move, nor did I pay too much – the price was cheaper compared to other movers. Our mover even took on more load for less price!

What made you choose this mover? Did you do any research?

Definitely, I did a lot of research and kept asking for quotes at different moving companies. However, some of them were really expensive and others had terrible customer services. The first mover I initially planned to choose, cancelled me without explanation. In general, I was highly unhappy with all movers.

I was about to leave behind this failing attempt to move my belongings abroad and throw away all my stuff. When in the end I did even more research and it was when I found MyCheapRemovals. I contacted them and they replied to me almost immediately.

💡Sirelo’s secret tip: When moving overseas, it is worth to consider container shipping. Check it out!

Take us through your moving day – did everything go as planned? What worked and what didn’t?

MyCheapRemovals gave the collection day and the time. I was thinking they maybe delayed or something happened. However, for my surprise they were on time and the driver was very kind and helpful.

He first showed my the van and how he would organize the space available. He helped me to carry all my belongings from the beginning until very end. I was very grateful. To be honest, all I can say is thank you very much!

Based on your experience, what are your top tips you’d like to share to help others for their own moves?

Try to not overthink and stress yourself out. Because with this company, all will be organised in time and in place.

You will have many questions, so ask them! MyCheapRemovals was always at my side for any question I had, whether by email or by phone. Finding a mover with proper communication is the key tip to a successful move.

Try to use equipment to protect your items. You will probably have more delicate belongings that require more care, so make sure to protect them as much as possible.

How much did you pay? Were you surprised by the costs?

I compared a lot of companies and I can say this one was the cheapest. Considering the service provided, I even would not have minded to pay more because I was very happy. Save time and avoid stress choose this company and you will see!

Disclaimer: The views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

Conclusion by Sirelo

We are happy to hear about the successful move and are deeply grateful for all the valuable insights and tips!

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